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"Beauty In/Action" by Darci Doll

Darci Doll

Why Do You Want A Sabbatical Beauty Scholarship?

I've spent a decade teaching Business Ethics at the College level. It wasn't until being introduced to Sabbatical Beauty that I really felt the ideals I teach in these courses are possible. I want to celebrate the company, the community, and the promoted values. It's rare that I have an opportunity to develop an independent project such as this. The scholarship would help fund the resources needed to complete this project.

Beauty Inaction/ Beauty In Action

Research Statement by Darci Doll

Whether intentionally or not, businesses shape the world around them. In the beauty industry the shaping is often done at the expense of the wellbeing of women, people of color, and other vulnerable populations. This power to shape communities, consumers, societies, and policy makes the beauty industry political by nature.

An emerging trend is that companies, like Sabbatical Beauty, are actively and intentionally using their power to fight against the harmful practices typically associated with the beauty industry. They are embracing the political, confronting negative stereotypes about beauty, and promoting a political and socially conscious message of empowerment while still tapping into the demand for beauty products. By abandoning the hypocrisy of tearing down women and preying on their vulnerabilities, these companies are supporting and building women up. They are redefining beauty, fostering communities, and elevating the ethics of the industry.

I will examine companies that have been successful and those that have been unsuccessful in this endeavor, and I will address the critique that this enterprise is unnecessary, unprofitable, and potentially detrimental to the beauty industry. Through a series of blogs and videos, I will demonstrate the profitability in positive political socially conscious action and will confirm consumer demand for transparency in how their money is invested in the way the world is shaped. These resources will be shared with the Sabbatical Beauty community to educate, support, and celebrate those embracing this trend. In the final stage of this project, I will author a feature article to be submitted for publication to a national magazine, such as Vanity Fair. These companies and the entrepreneurs behind them are meeting a very real consumer demand. My series will propose that the beauty industry is not being destroyed. Society is demanding beauty in action.

I anticipate that I will be able to start dedicated research at the end of April/ beginning of May 2018. Once I’ve been able to initiate the research, I intend to submit videos or blog posts at least bi-weekly throughout the summer. Each of these submissions will be shared with the SB group and will tie in to a portion of the final full-length feature piece. At the end of the summer, I will record a final video for SB and will also start sending my articles to national magazines for consideration for publication. Depending on the response from the magazines, the project maybe continued after the August deadline. However, a completed project will be available by the end of the summer.

Thank you for your consideration and for offering this amazing opportunity.

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