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Empowerment Through Health and Fitness by Lore McSpadden

Lore McSpadden

Why Do You Want A Sabbatical Beauty Scholarship?

My guiding passion is to make elite, top-level coaching available to people who have historically not felt welcomed by the fitness industry, particularly people who are larger-bodied, people of color, queer and trans people, people who are facing economic challenges, active older adults, survivors of cancer, people with diverse abilities, and people on the autism spectrum. As a fat-accepting trainer who is focused on radical inclusion, I believe that strength training and fitness are for everyone, regardless of age, race, sex, gender, orientation, body size and shape, or previous level of experience with athletic training. The Sabbatical Beauty Scholarship will enable me to amplify the reach of this belief, enabling me to both connect with people who would otherwise be limited by geography from accessing my coaching services and to share the message to other coaches within the industry, thereby creating a ripple effect.


Research Statement by Lore McSpadden

My project is two-fold: first, to complete the writing, photography, and videos for my upcoming e-book, 30 Days of Kind Movement,an intersectional and body-positive guide towards developing an empowering and sustainable relationship to movement. Then, I will develop the intersectional focus of the e-book into the template for a presentation that I will then be able to deliver at universities, companies, organizations, and conferences.

This project is designed to help people embody their capacity for empowerment through self-care; although the tool is movement rather than skincare, the end goal is remarkably harmonious with that of Sabbatical Beauty and its online community. My work helps those who have faced institutional oppression and marginalization discover their strength and intrinsic empowerment, with the hope that personal wellness and health will have positive social and political ramifications.

My research for this project has been diligently pursued over the last several years; it included not only independent study but also achieving certifications such as the Body Positive Fitness Alliance Affiliated Professional, LiveStrong Coach for cancer survivors, Autism Fitness Instructor, Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer, and attendee at the Undoing Institutional Racism training given by the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond.

I have already completed the outline for the entire e-book, and have a nearly-completed 7-day email series (example material available upon request) that would simultaneously promote the full e-book and provide free access to much of the actionable material for people who otherwise couldn’t afford to purchase the full e-book.

Timeline and Milestones:

  • April 2018: Complete the 7-day email series. This will involve minimal editing of already-written materials and building up my video and image library of movement demonstrations (hyperlinked to within the emails). Begin promoting through social media, utilizing my already-existent connections to fat-positive, trans-positive, and intersectional activists and social media sites; this will develop an email list of individuals who will be interested in the final project. Make two blog posts this month that I promote across social media.
  • May 2018: Complete the manuscript for 30 Days of Kind Movement.Continue reinvigorating my blog presence with teasers and shorter posts that can be easily shared; make at least one post per week.  
  • June 2018: Have my manuscript copyedited and formatted. Set release date for late July 2018. Develop manuscript into a presentation that can be customized for the needs of schools, universities, companies, and conferences. Write and post at least one blog post per week.
  • July 2018: Release and promote e-book; promote extensively on my own social media and with the help of my connections in the body-positive, trans activism, and intersectional radical community. Continue writing and posting at least one blog post per week.
  • August 2018: Attend Philly Trans Wellness Conference, hopefully as a presenter (I am waiting to receive confirmation regarding whether my proposal for a workshop titled “Can Body-Positive Wellness and Dysphoria Coexist?” has been accepted). Utilize this as an opportunity to amplify the message of radical inclusion throughout the strength and wellness field and to promote my e-book.

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