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Rachel's First Week With the Summer Box!

Rachel's First Week With the Summer Box! - Sabbatical Beauty

rachel week 1 summer box


General Impressions

Of course, the very first thing I noticed about the Summer Box was the incredible range of scents! From the Strawberry Cocktail Toner (coming soon!) to theBamboo Dry Shampoo to theCoconut Serum, you’ll be smelling like the perfect summer piña colada. Every product is also really light and easily absorbed, which is perfect for summer when everything, including your skin, just sort of feels… saturated.

Changes I’ve seen

There haven’t really been anydrasticchanges in my skin, but my cheeks are definitely showing signs of healing! The clogged pores especially on the apples of my cheeks are slowly clearing out, and on the whole my skin just feels really smooth and soft all day.

Because the products absorb so quickly but are still really hydrating, I actually feel like I’m producing less oil than I usually do.

AM Routine & PM routine

AM Routine:

  1. Bamboo Foaming Cleanser (coming soon!) mixed with Oatmeal & Rice Cleansing Grains (coming soon!)
  2. Strawberry Cocktail Exfoliating Toner (coming soon!)
  3. Cucumber & Aloe Mist (coming soon!)
  4. Coconut Serum
  5. Red Wine Pressed Serum
  6. Sunscreen

PM Routine:

  1. Vacuum Cleaner Cleansing Oil
  2. Bamboo Foaming Cleanser (coming soon!)
  3. Maple Essence Toner
  4. Cucumber & Aloe Mist (coming soon!)
  5. Coconut Serum
  6. Sleeping Beauty Oil
  7. Donkey Milk Gel Sleeping Pack

I’ve also used theDetoxmask twice this week.

Any changes I’ve made

I think what I’ve had to adjust the most was the amount of moisturiser / hydrating products I was using. With the toner, my cheeks especially seemed to be getting a lot drier than usual, so I’ve had to pay more careful attention to consciously using products that are hydrating (like theDream Mask), just to sort of keep things in balance.

Since it’s still early days, there are some little changes I make during the day, like how many pumps of the mist I use each time, or how many drops / how much of each serum. Work in progress!!

Overall thoughts

So far, the thing I’m most impressed with, as I’m sure everyone else is, is the box itself. With this little blue box, you have an ENTIRE, complete skin care routine! From the first cleanse to the final layer of moisturiser, plus little things to keep you fresh throughout the day, this is such a great way to battle hot and humid days while still feeling like a ~goddess~!