Bamboo Dry Shampoo
Bamboo Dry Shampoo

Bamboo Dry Shampoo
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Made with real bamboo powder and a refreshing bamboo scent, this natural dry shampoo keeps your hair clean and silky in between washes. 

Full size: 2oz.

Sprinkle some dry shampoo onto your palms. Massage onto roots. Comb out of hair if desired. Repeat as needed.

Arrowroot Powder, Tapioca Powder, Bamboo Powder, Cornstarch, Fragrance.

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Customer Reviews

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Ruth R. Ruth
Seriously Life Changing

I have very fine, very greasy dark hair. If I haven't showered that morning, I will look like a wet dog by the afternoon. But who has time to wash their hair EVERY SINGLE DAY? The store-bought shampoo often has a harsh chemically smell and comes in an aerosol bottle (bad for the environment!). But Sabbatical Beauty's Bamboo Dry Shampoo has a fresh scent, and it's powder-form is quick and easy to apply. I pour some out onto my palms and rub it through my scalp. Then, I add some to the roots for extra body. There is no other dry shampoo that smells this good, goes on this easily, travels this well, and soaks up oil this effectively!

Amber C. A.C. Amber C.
So worth it!

All summer I was hesitant to try the Bamboo Dry Shampoo, because quite frankly I know how to make dry shampoo at home and wasn't sure I could justify the expense. But I sprang for a bottle when Splash was on sale, and I'm amazed to report that it seems so different - much better - than any dry shampoo I've tried. Normally they only barely help my super-oily hair, but after using Bamboo this morning, my hair is only just now starting to separate and look greasy. That's a record! And the scent...I never knew I could dry-shampoo my hair and indulge in aromatherapy at the same time. :)

Carly C. Carly
Best dry shampoo!

Sometimes I wonder if Adeline and the rest of the SB crew are magicians. Their products are quite literally magical!

I love love love this dry shampoo. Unlike other dry shampoo's I've used, this is great for my dark hair. It smells wonderful and truly does refresh my locks. I have found that other dry shampoo products (and trust me - I have tried A LOT of them) leave my hair feeling grungy but looking okay. Not this product - the SB dry shampoo leaves my hair feeling soft and natural, smelling wonderful and takes away that greasy look. It is seriously amazing.

Val V. Val
Works Great, Smells Delicious

I've tried a lot of dry shampoos over the years. I hate the spray ones as they always smell awful and don't seem very good for my hair, yet many other dry shampoos just seem to make my hair...clumpy, somehow. Not this one! I work it in with a full makeup brush, then brush it out, and viola! Textured, awesome, second-day hair that smells great, but nor perfume-y or overpowering. Love it!

Works great, even on dark hair

I used a makeup brush to apply this in my hair and there was no remaining white powder on my dark hair. I was most surprised by how much it revived my curls too. I'm looking forward to using this regularly so I can cut down on washing my hair in the shower so often.



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