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One Week with the Spring Box - Madeline's Update

One Week with the Spring Box - Madeline's Update - Sabbatical Beauty

General Impressions

So far, so good!  I am learning to use the products to my skin’s best advantage.  It is really hard to restrain myself from going too fast, but I have used everything in the box by now.  I have sensitive, aging skin, oily in past (T-zone).

I’ve had no issues with the products at all, & noticing less redness & itching where I have patchy rashes on lower neck, eyelids, & cheek.

Changes I’ve seen

My neck is smoother & rash I usually wake up with at the base  of my neck is disappearing & no longer itching.  The skin on my neck is smoother & feels more hydrated.  I’ll wait another week to see what transpires on my face!  It does feel pretty smooth & well-hydrated, BTW.

Any changes I’ve made

I just use Pearl on my neck & cheeks.  T-zone didn’t seem to need it - shiny/didn’t absorb as much as neck/décolletage/cheeks.  Added Piper's Peat Serum after Lotus Serum Mist (unreleased Spring Box product!) - my face was missing my Peat, I felt causing some dullness.  I slowly added the Donkey Milk Gel Sleeping Pack - may not use every night.  I am trying the Dorian Gray Serum & Blush Beauty Oil on my hands for the dark/age/sun spots there.  Excited & hopeful they will help!





Masking:  I’ve used Camellia Rose Exfoliating Wash-Off Mask twice-once on the weekend morning, & once in the evening.  It seemed to do different things each time-more moisturizing at 1st, then gave a matte face finish & super neck smoothing in the evening use.


Overall thoughts

Being a revieweris work, but a work oflove!  I really love trying different products, & appreciate being able to do so & share what I learn.  

All the products can be used in more than one way, which is super awesome!  Donkey Milk Gel is also a spot treatment for acne, Blush Beauty Oil can go on your hands, as can Dorian Gray Serum, & I am trying those for the sun/age dark spots there.  Definitely have made use of the SB Skin Care Tracker printouts to help me keep track of what’s going on.  They could really help anyone trying out products...Thanks, Adeline!  And I want to emphasize that the scent of each product is delicate, fresh, and never overpowering.  I feel pampered & soothed by every bit of it.  The Camellia Rose Exfoliating Wash Off Mask is a delicate rose scent & more; I have used it twice & loved how my neck & cheeks felt afterward.  It would be excellent too for a season-spanning facial treat as our skin is trying to adapt to the craziness spring weather brings to the Midwest, where I live.  

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