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Natalie's First Week with the Fall Box

Natalie's First Week with the Fall Box - Sabbatical Beauty

natalie week 1 fall box


General Impressions

So I was really worried about this box when I first got it because of the lack of acne-blasting products, as well as the number of acids.

I am now officially an acid convert though! I haven't had any negative reactions to either Botanical Acid Toner (Coming soon!) or Apple Cider serum (Coming soon!) yet, and they’re both really growing on me. My skin feels so smooth and it feels like they’re helping a lot with the acne.

Changes I’ve seen

My skin is definitely smoother with the use of all of the acids. A lot of the clogs are going away/are being squeezed out of my skin easily now.

AM Routine & PM routine

It varies day by day. Most of the time I’d use the same thing in the day and night, just with Ekaterina as my final step in the day time, andDorian Gray Beauty Oil at night.

So the routine looks like this:

AM:Aloe & Oat, Botanical Acid Toner (Coming soon!), Pumpkin Spice Latte (Coming soon!), Apple Cider serum (Coming soon!) , moisturiser

PM:Vacuum (if I have makeup on),Aloe & Oat, Botanical Acid Toner (Coming soon!), Pumpkin Spice Latte (Coming soon!), Apple Cider serum (Coming soon!), moisturiser

I occasionally add some other serums in, or take Apple Cider out if I’m not feeling the extra acid boost.

Any changes I’ve made

I’ve swapped out most of my usual routine (which usually consists of copious amounts ofAPH,Marine, andDonkey Milk Gel) from my system now, but I do occasionally add in eitherPeat orAsian Powerhouse serum if I feel like my skin needs the extra boost.

Overall thoughts

I don’t think I could say this box could completely substitute my skincare routine for me, but it does come close! That there’sVacuum in it makes it really awesome, andEkaterina is just one of those luxury products you might not want to splurge as an individual product on its own, but this box is a great way for trying it out!