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Madeline's Second Week with the Spring Box!

Madeline's Second Week with the Spring Box! - Sabbatical Beauty

General Impressions

I’ve used all the products in the Spring Box now; I’m learning how to use them to the best effect for my skincare regimen.  That’s one of the best features of the Sabbatical Beauty skincare line - most all of the products can be used in different ways, depending on what your skin needs.  Super versatile - the same products that are anti-aging & for sensitive skin for me, are anti-acne, anti-dry skin, etc. for others.

Changes I’ve seen  

The skin on my neck is smoother, with fading melasma (hormonal discoloration), & brighter facial skin overall.  It definitely has a glow & healthier coloring than I have EVER had! My pores are smaller, & some milia are gone. I’m looking forward to saying goodbye to more!

AM & PM skincare routine

AM routine - After double cleansing the K-beauty way, I might mask with Camellia Rose, then Nourish Oil Mask (it’s still not super spring weather here so I need the extra hydration) about twice a week, but sometimes I use Vacuum Cleaner Cleansing Oil followed by a charcoal mask if a bit more oily T-zone is going on.  Then I spray Lotus Serum Mist X2 & pat in, followed by Piper’s Peat Serum, Dorian Gray Serum (LOVE), & Pearl Serum to highlight cheekbones, temples, etc. Anti-Aging Eye Gel Oil under eyes is next, then After Sun Balm to any rash/red areas (I’ve been getting these around my eyes for a couple years :().  Blush Beauty Oil, about 3 drops on my face & 3 on my neck/decolletage, then sunscreen finish the AM routine. I am using Dorian Gray Serum and Blush Beauty Oil to my right hand sunspots/hyper-pigmentation & will post pics weekly or so to see if these are fading.

PM routine - Nightly after double cleansing & perhaps masking, I apply Piper’s Peat Serum, more Dorian Gray Serum (omitting any irritated/red rashy areas), then Glow Pressed Serum on the sunspot/hyper-pigmented areas. I also apply After Sun Balm again to red/rash areas. I use less Blush Beauty Oil on the T-zone anytime it looks shinier, usually at night.  Last of all but not least, comes Donkey Milk Gel Sleeping Pack - an awesome addition which calms red irritated areas by morning and seals in all the goodness I’ve already applied, allowing the serums to work diligently all night long.

Any changes I’ve made

I’m only using Lotus Serum Mist in the AM because I don’t want to use it up too soon.  I use Pearl Serum as a highlighter now instead of all over my face & neck.  I loveDonkey Milk Gel Sleeping Pack!  Initially we were asked to go slow in adding the products, & now I know how great this Sleeping Pack is!  Still trying to deal with little patches of redness & itching on eyelids & cheeks , & avoiding using Dorian Gray Serum on these areas.  I’ll be using some other products Adeline Koh recommended for these extra-sensitive spots.

Overall thoughts

People used to ask me if I was sick/OK, etc.  Not anymore - now they compliment me on my “beautiful skin”.  I feel that the time I’ve invested in skin care & self care is worth it.  I did not understand anything about Korean skin care before SB but I am learning more every day I’m on the FB group.  It’s practical advice that shows in my skin! Experts say that if you want to incorporate something into your life, if you stick with it for 3 weeks, it will become a habit; in this case, a very beneficial one!  Stay tuned….

Watch to Learn More about Madeline's Week 2 Routine!