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Julie's Fourth Week With The Summer Box

Julie's Fourth Week With The Summer Box - Sabbatical Beauty

julie week 4 summer box progress

Julie is 38 with combination skin, an oil-prone t-zone and normal/dry cheeks. Here concerns are hormonal acne, erythematotelangiectatic (subtype 1) rosacea, dry under-eyes, and the first signs of aging. She lives in east-central Indiana, USA, which is hot (75-90ºF) and humid during the summer.


General Impressions

Everybody, I have a confession: I’m so in love with theSummer Box! I wake up every morning plump and hydrated, excited to use the products and I go to bed every night happy, dreaming of bamboo and coconut and strawberry cocktails.

Changes I’ve seen

As I’ve been consistently, systematically using the products from theSummer Box, I’ve noticed that my rosacea has stabilized somewhat. Even on days when it’s super-hot, I don’t get the excessive redness in my cheeks that I used to (of course, I still limit my time in the sun and wear SPF every day). Another thing that’s really great about using the products is that I don’t have nearly as many unpleasant skin surprises anymore. Although I do get the occasional hormonal breakout, I find that my skin looks balanced and plump day after day. It’s great to have that feeling of security!

AM Routine & PM routine


Bamboo Foaming Cleanser (coming soon!)/ Oatmeal & Rice Cleansing Grains (coming soon!) (alternating days)

Detox Herbal Mask (every 3 days)

Strawberry Exfoliating Toner (coming soon!) (every other day)

Cucumber & Aloe Mist (coming soon!)

Coconut Serum

Marine Serum

Red Wine Pressed Serum



non-SB oil cleansing balm (makeup days only)

Bamboo Foaming Cleanser (coming soon!)

Peppermint Water (makeup days only)

Coconut Serum

Red Wine Pressed Serum

Moar Honey II Serum (all over face)

After Sun Face Balm Rescue (cheeks only)

non-SB sheet mask (every 3 days)

Anti-Aging Eye Gel-Oil

Camel Milk Cream (all over face)

Any changes I’ve made

I took the advice some SB community members and addedAfter Sun Face Balm Rescueto my regular evening routine, just on my cheeks. I also started usingMoar Honey II Serum all over my face instead of just long my jawline. Both of these changes are really improving my rosacea and hormonal acne, and overall just making my skin softer and brighter. I’m not completely out of the woods when it comes to my hormonal acne--I did have a flare up a few days ago--but theSummer Box products are keeping the blemishes from getting too angry.

Overall thoughts

I started my new job at the local symphony this week, and I’ve been meet a lot of new people in the community. On Wednesday a donor happened to stop by, and he was in disbelief when my supervisor mentioned that I’m a professor. He thought I was a college student! I guess when you’re a Sabbatical Beauty, you get to go back in time!