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Based On Your Results, Your Skin Type Is Dry And Beautiful.

You may experience some acne from time to time and your stress levels can border on the high side. But hey it’s tough work running the world.

We'd love to see you prioritize yourself for at least 15 minutes everyday. Create a time that is just for you, that helps you relax, destress and focus on what makes you feel good. For that we recommend you get started with a high quality self care beauty regimen that was designed by women for amazing women like yourself.

We’d suggest starting with our  Power Set as a lovely gift to yourself!

Try our small batch, ethically handcrafted line for only $35.

power set

You will get a sample of the  Marine Serum (5ml, rife with sea plant extracts that contain alginic acid which have a superfood effect (with antiviral and antioxidant activity), improves skin hydration, enhances wound healing and increases skin elasticity--thereby having an anti-aging effect) and the  Asian Powerhouse Serum (5ml) to brighten and treat your skin. 

For added hydration for your dry skin, and some added benefits of brightening and evening your skin tone, we'd suggest adding on our Sake and Fermented Rice Sleeping Pack!

Get 20% off the Sake and Fermented Rice Sleeping Pack today!

sake and rice pack

This sleeping pack has fermented rice and sake extract as the second and third ingredients. Rice, and rice water, have been traditionally used in Asia to cleanse and brighten skin, and fermenting rice makes these properties more bioavailable. Sake is another version of fermented rice, which doubles the power of these properties. This is further complemented by the high percentage of Rice Bran Oil, Rice Lipids and Quaternized Rice. The skin tone evening powers of this pack are also accentuated by the use of Niacinamide (5%) and N-Acetylglucosamine.

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Excludes sample kits and gift certificates.