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Madeline's Third Week with the Spring Box!

Madeline's Third Week with the Spring Box! - Sabbatical Beauty

General Impressions  

I am learning (slowly) touse less of certain products.  And the weather! My skin was absorbing WAY more Blush Beauty Oiluntil it warmed up here (70’s ish) & now I’ve cut down on the amount of oils.  Patience - something I need more - is required in figuring out what to use where & how much.

Changes I’ve seen

Weird & annoying rashy areas on eyelids and upper cheeks are much better.  I used products Adeline recommended for this (such as Calm CreamHydraWinter Is Coming) & also resorted to OTC Cortisone cream for a couple days.  Allergy season presents new challenges, darn it! After Sun is a great light moisturizer for T zone - started that because I suddenly got a little oilier there & a couple tiny breakouts; the Donkey Milk Gel Sleeping Pack has already healed those either overnight or by 2nd morning of use.  

AM & PM Routine


    1. Lotus Serum Mist (coming soon!)
    2. Piper's Peat Serum either T zone to entire face (need to use all over more)
    3. Lift Serum – just started 3/12/18 after not using for months
    4. Dorian Gray Serum to face, Dorian Gray Oil – neck (running low on serum)
    5. Pearl Serum to highlight cheekbones & temples
    6. Hydra to eyelids/base throat red/flaky itchy areas after Cortisone cream
    7. Glow Pressed Serum on brown spots/then all over cheeks
    8. Anti-Aging Eye Gel Oil under eyes only - very small amount (stay away from nose)
    9. Blush Beauty Oil, Sunscreen. Less on T-zone this last week.  

PM: Same as AM, skipping Lotus Serum Mist and Pearl Serum, then applying Donkey Milk Gel Sleeping Pack to face/t-zone/ & starting to use other sleeping pack on neck (I have Snow, Sake & Rice) because I am running out of my Donkey Milk Gel Sleeping Pack

Any changes I’ve made

I’ve added Lift on neck & jaw area in AM’s.  On my cranky sensitive eyelids with a rash, I am trying Hydra instead of After Sun, and Winter Is Coming if they are dry/flaky.  Vacuum Cleanser Cleansing Oil to T-zone only when using (about 2-3 times a week). I am spot treating areas as my skin changes - even using a Q-tip to apply to brow bone dark spot.

Overall thoughts

I’ve learned to use less of the products as a general rule - since they have higher active ingredient amounts you don’t need as much to see results.  The weather is going to be a major influence on what & how much I use, too. I’ve also learned to NOT GIVE UP if there is a problem area(s) - you can post in the SB Facebook group to get help & advice on solutions to stubborn problems.  I’ve been thinking about how anyone working full-time would need to streamline the AM routine - I have more time some AM’s when I don’t have to be somewhere. I’d probably skip spot treating, doing that at night more. The fact that we reviewers have to record everything does take longer, too.

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