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Cristin's Fourth Week With The Spring Box

Cristin's Fourth Week With The Spring Box - Sabbatical Beauty

cristin week 4 spring box progress


General Impressions

When I found Sabbatical Beauty I wasn’t looking for a Kbeauty routine, I was looking for an acne solution and something to lighten my dark spots. I didn’t event know what Korean Skincare meant. Enter Spring Box and my world exploded with new possibilities. My sensitive yet oily skin is now glowing skin. The longer I use the Spring Box, the more I learn about different application techniques and approaches to layering serums and combining masks. It is pure joy!

Changes I’ve seen

The wrinkles on my forehead and in between my eyes are drastically improved. Looking back at photos from January and it’s shocking me now much my wrinkles have filled in. I have a smoother skin texture and smaller pores especially on the apples of my cheeks and nose. I’m noticing a cycle to my blackheads. They seem to return the week of my period. I already knew that I was more prone to breakouts during my cycle, but I hadn’t yet connected blackheads to the same time. Learning this about my body, is the next step in keeping the blackheads at bay all month long.

AM Routine & PM routine

AM: Vacuum Cleaner Cleansing Oil (VCCO), Rose Foaming Cleanser (RFC), Piper’s Peat Serum (PPS), Tea Tree and Volcanic Ash Serum (TTVA) spot treat as needed, Lotus Serum Mist (LSM - Coming Soon!), Dorian Gray Anti-Aging Serum (DGAAS), Blush Beauty Oil (BBO),sunscreen!

PM: Vacuum Cleaner Cleansing Oil (VCCO), Rose Foaming Cleanser (RFC), Asian Powerhouse Serum (APS), Piper’s Peat Serum (PPS), Tea Tree and Volcanic Ash Serum (TTVA) spot treat as needed, Dorian Gray Anti-Aging Serum (DGAAS), Pearl Serum on cheeks and nose, GLOW spot treatment, Donkey Milk Gel Sleeping Pack (DMGSP)

Masking: Camellia Rose Mask, Camel Milk and Yeast

Any changes I’ve made

I took out Maple Essence Toner this week because with the warmer temperatures I was beginning to feel like I needed a little less on my skin. And since I was using Asian Powerhouse Serum, that is acting as the Kbeauty essense step.

The past week has been very busy and I didn’t mask as often as I would normally.

I skipped AM use of DGAAS on mornings when I knew I would be outside a lot.

Lastly, intrigued by Carol’s technique when apply Blush Beauty Oil, I did the same (with two drops!) immediately after apply Lotus Serum Mist. The warmth from my hands was so soothing and the oil and Lotus Serum both absorbing much quicker than if I had waited for Lotus to absorbed and then patted on Blush.

Overall thoughts

On Friday, 11 hours into my 13-hour day, a co-worker asked, “Aren’t you tired? You don’t look tired.” Thanks to Sabbatical Beauty, gone are the days of hearing, “are you alright, you look tired!” Everything is just better with the Sabbatical Beauty Spring Box! I still have wrinkles. They are just less noticeable. I still have age spots, they just aren’t the centerpiece of my face anymore. And I still have acne, but my breakouts are smaller and disappear quicker. In truth, with Sabbatical Beauty I’m the best version of me.