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All About Marissa: A Summer Box Reviewer

All About Marissa: A Summer Box Reviewer - Sabbatical Beauty

In this series, we have our Summer Box Reviewers introduce themselves and let you know what their skin types and climates are like, so hopefully you can find a "skin twin" in them! Today we're speaking to Marissa! Want first dibs on the Summer Box? Sign uphere!


all about marissa summer box

Hey Marissa! We’re so thrilled to have you on as a Summer Box Reviewer! Could you start by telling us about yourself?

I’m a full time stay at mom of 5, ages 15 - 18 months old. I am a freelance makeup artist, SEO (search engine optimization) for small local brick & mortar businesses, and Brand Ambassador for Sabbatical Beauty. I have worked in the skincare and cosmetics industry for 13 years and LOVE taking my sweet time indulging in self care.

Awesome. Now could you tell us about your skin type, and the the conditions for summer for you?

I have normal to oily skin with some brown spots on my cheek bones and dark under eye circles. My pores tend to get larger in my t-zone and I have milia on my chin. I get hormonal acne on the bottom half of my face when I’m on my period, and around my hairline if my scalp gets too oily. I live in San Jose, CA which tends to be hot (70-90 degrees) and dry.

Great, now tell me about what SB products have worked, and have not worked for your skin, so hopefully some SB folk can find a “skin twin” in you!

As Brand Ambassador, I have tried every single product. I can honestly say that everything currently available works! I use different things things daily depending on what my skin needs. The only product that doesn’t excite me is theBlueberry & Cream mask. While it’s an amazing hydrating mask full of antioxidants, I prefer the ingredients in theHoly! Lotus andDetox masks.

We’re so excited to work with you! More soon! 

Watch Marissa's video about being chosen as a Summer Box reviewer below!