RESCUE: The Sabbatical Beauty Sampler Set #2 (Oily/Combo/Acne-Prone)
RESCUE: The Sabbatical Beauty Sampler Set #2 (Oily/Combo/Acne-Prone)

RESCUE: The Sabbatical Beauty Sampler Set #2 (Oily/Combo/Acne-Prone)

$ 80.00

Oily or combination skin? Blemish prone? The Rescue set is here for you! We first begin with the Rose Balm Cleanser which helps to take off makeup, oil-based impurities and reduce the appearance of your pores, and then follow up with the low-pH Rose Foaming Cleanser with rose extract, aloe, silk and kaolin clay which balances and adds nutrition to your skin; then the antioxidant loaded Asian Powerhouse Serum and the nourishing, hydrating, anti-redness Marine Serum to balance your skin and acne-prone conditions; follow up with Camel Milk and Yeast Mask as either a mask treatment to balance your skin weekly, or as a nightly spot treatment, and seal in everything with the powerful, lactic-acid rich Camel Milk Cream


Beginning with a dry face, massage rose balm cleanser onto your skin to dissolve makeup and/or sunscreen. Once this is complete, apply foaming cleanser, gently massage onto skin and wash off. Once or twice a week, follow with the Camel Milk & Yeast mask--apply mask onto cleansed skin, wait 20-30 mins, and then wash off. If not using the mask or after using the mask, apply a squirt of Asian Powerhouse Serum to the palms of your hands, and gently pat in the serum. Repeat with Marine Serum. Next, follow with a light layer of Camel Milk Cream. If this is your day routine, follow with sunscreen and makeup if desired. If night routine, apply Camel Milk & Yeast mask as a spot treatment on acne, and wash off in morning.

In set:

Rose Balm Cleanser (2 oz), Rose Foaming Cleanser (1 oz), Asian Powerhouse Serum Sample (5ml), Marine Serum Sample (5ml), Camel Milk and Yeast Mask Sample (5ml), Camel Milk Cream Sample (5ml) Comes in a mesh bag.

Price: $80 (save $7 over buying each sample separately)

Made without Parabens. 

*Core collection.

Please note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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Mostly great!

Not a fan of the cream (too thick) but otherwise love the products. I found it was better to use them intermittently at night and moisturize in between nights- or I got a bit dry and irritated. Rose cleansing balm smells amazing but you need the other rose product to get it off, which smells pretty earthy. Asian powerhouse and marine serum work well on my acne, eye oil is nice.

Rescue Set

I have this set as recommended as a starter kit for begin my new skin routine. I was worried as I have very sensitive/oily skin. Every little change in product can flare up my skin. I was skeptical and yet desperate about managing my skin. I was amazed how the Rose Balm oil really spread. A little really does goes a long way. I was cautious about using oil at first but to remove the proper way really does a clean job. The rose foaming cleanser leaves the face smooth. the SB power duo is amazing. The ingredients are really active. I can feel my skin very smooth after just 1 application! The camel Yeast mask is also the first mask I've ever used that brings immediate result. One application smoothed my skin and overnight spot treatment helps to soothe my angry acne. Basically, this is a very good starter for very oily skin. My skin is no longer red and itchy. Applying makeup is easier and does not oxidized. My skin looks good even after a long day at work. Even it if my gets oily at the end of the day, it doesn't look flushed angry. Skin looks smooth. I would add in Maple essence toner and Peat Piper at entry level too.

Not for me

I have very sensitive skin & allergic to a lot of products. The first time I tried the camel milk & yeast mask my face feel tingling sensation. Thinking that it's normal I continued to use it for about a week. Doesn't get any better. I find the rose cleansing balm is too thick consistency, not easy to wash off especially with the rose foaming cleanser. I have to wash it again using my own cleanser. The camel milk cream is too thick & dry, difficult to spread. The marine & Asian powerhouse serum smell unpleasant. I stop using it all together after I got really bad reaction to it. My face red, with big spot all over my face. I dare not to use any products on my face for two weeks after that. I still have a few spots but less visible.
Will have to look for products that suit my skin again.
Thank you

Rescue Set

My favorites in the set are the Rose Foaming Cleanser, APH, Marine and the Camel Milk & Yeast mask. My face would feel soft and clean washing with the Rose FC (on its own, or as a 2nd step cleanser if I have make-up on), it doesn't feel tight or dry at all. I've tried both the Rose Cleansing Balm and the Vacuum Cleansing Oil as a makeup remover and 1st step cleanser, my personal preference is still the VCO.

I like the plumping effect Marine serum has on my face, and the CM&Y mask is like the best acne treatment ever! I notice that my acne will become smaller and less red/painful, without my skin drying or flaking, if I leave the mask on the entire night.
I found the Camel Milk Cream tricky to spread on my face by just dabbing some directly on my skin (always end up using more than I should), so I mix it with a few drops of my favourite Dorian Gray beauty oil before applying.

Initially I thought I was allergic to the APH or Marine or some other SB products I was using at the same time, when some rashes came up on my neck. But these rashes went off after a week. I guess I was changing my routine too fast and probably using too much of some products (fyi, I applied mid day too when I was home the entire day). My suggestion for those who are new to SB is to pace out their use of SB products initially, and remember a little of the product is often enough to see effect due to the many active ingredients in it.

ALL the samples, none of the decision paralysis!

The best thing about this kit is getting to try everything. This is way more of a process of cleaning and caring for my skin than I have ever committed to before, so I appreciate having everything to try at once. I also appreciate not having to guess which ones I should start with, so taking the guess work out of choosing introductory products counts for sooooo much. I have quickly discovered that I need a more moisturizery moisturizer and that I'd like to try some of the masks. I also discovered that I quite like two step cleansing and its interesting to me that I can keep my eyes open for the rose balm step since it there aren't soap bubbles flying around! Five stars for not having to choose products and getting to try a whole bunch of things at once.

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