Sheet Masks

Presenting: The Sabbatical Sheet Mask Collection

I designed the Sabbatical Sheet Masks to meet a gap in the skincare product market: A Sheet Mask that is not diluted like most others with water and glycerin, but are 100% serum. If you could imagine dunking a sheet mask in a serum bottle, this is what you get with Sabbatical Sheet Masks.

Why use a Sheet Mask rather than just the serum on its own? Because the physical mask itself 1. Helps to make sure your entire face is soaked with the beneficial serum, and 2. Because the physical barrier of the mask forces your skin to absorb the serum in a way which application of a regular serum would not.

Sabbatical Sheet Masks: zero filler, and all active ingredients so you should be able to see dramatic results in one application.

Sabbatical Sheet Masks Drop August 8, 2021. Verified Reviews Badge
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