Marissa's Chill Vibes Only Collection

By Marissa.

Clock out, throw all fucks away and exhale…

Marissa’s Chill Vibes Collection is the ultimate self care for lazy summer daze.

Through my first ever collection designed for Sabbatical Beauty, I tell a story with each of my products - Where I came from. How I enjoy life. My evolution.

I want people to know that it’s ok to be lazy. We’ve all struggled through so much in our lives that we deserve a damn break without making our skin suffer. Sure an hour long skin care routine is wonderful, but it’s not practical. That’s why I created multifunctional products that are highly effective without requiring more than 5 minutes a day.

Marissa's Sake Bomb Splash Mask
$ 35 +
Marissa's Mermaid Jelly Mask
$ 38 + Verified Reviews Badge
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