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Week Two: Marissa's Impressions Of The Winter Box

Week Two: Marissa's Impressions Of The Winter Box - Sabbatical Beauty

Overall impressions: There isn’t anything in this box I wouldn’t use. My skin transitioned beautifully into this new regimen without any negative reactions. Even though I’m more oily than dry, the moisture levels are still compatible with my skin. I think I will definitely stick to this regimen until spring.

Changes since Week 1: My skin was starting to feel really tight during the day, but after changing my moisturizer and adding a facial oil, my skin feels comfortable and balanced.

Changes since before starting Box routine:  I had a very visible pimple on my jawline and a huge, painful one deep under my chin that comes back every now and then. They lingered for about a week before I started using the Winter Box. Now the visible pimple is gone and the cystic one is almost gone. I haven’t been using any other acne treatments or skincare.

Any adjustments you’re making Day: I swapped out my Donkey Cream for Ekaterina and added a facial oil to my skincare wardrobe. Night: I use Sleeping Beauty Oil all over my face and neck instead of just target areas.

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