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Week Two: Courtney's Impressions Of The Winter Box

Week Two: Courtney's Impressions Of The Winter Box - Sabbatical Beauty

courtneys before, week 1 and week 2All selfies are no makeup, fresh out of bed/the shower

Overall impressions: I’m still enjoying ALL of the Winter Box products. I have been using Soy & Rice Scrub Mask (as a cleanser), SBO, and Rose Body Créme every day and Peat twice a day! My sensitive/combo skin makes me nervous to go all in with Snow Sleeping Cream and Fermented Sake & Rice Sleeping Pack, but I have used both on my neck/decolletage and LOVED IT.

Changes since Week 1: My skin looks even brighter and more hydrated. Overall, I feel great about my skin, but I have developed some minor acne on my chin (pretty standard for me). I’m not sure if I can attribute it to the products or holiday stress, so I’m trying to reduce both.

Changes since before starting Box routine: The first image clearly demonstrates how dry and ruddy my complexion can be. Uneven, blotchy, probably sun damaged. It’s clear to me that my skin looks brighter, clearer, and healthier, even if I do have a few manageable pimples this week. Adeline kindly reminded me on our Facebook group about the importance of wearing sunscreen when you use a retinol product like Sleeping Beauty Oil. Thankfully, I’ve just started using a sunscreen underneath my foundation. SPF should be part of your skincare routine, even if you live in a cloudy place like me!

Any adjustments you’re making: I am trying to listen to my skin and make adjustments as I go. This week, those pimples told me to take it easy on the double cleansing and stick to one consistent AM and PM cleanser. For my sensitive skin, this can often calm a breakout quicker than anything. VCCO is wonderful for getting trapped sebum to the surface, but it’s so powerful I only need to use it once a week (although I love the facial massage that goes with it and would love to use it more often). I honestly don’t think the Winter Box products have caused me any issue. Next week I’ll be heading to Missouri to visit my family for the holidays so I look forward to finding out which products serve me well in the heartland!

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