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Week Two: Liz's Impressions Of The Winter Box

Week Two: Liz's Impressions Of The Winter Box - Sabbatical Beauty
liz week 2

Overall Impressions/ Changes since Week 1: THE OIL. NEVER in a million years would I have imagined a WINTER box to be helpful in controlling the oil on my face, yet here we are. I’ve gotten hold of a light facial sunscreen, so I can wear SBO during the day and the game has changed. This box has been a godsend. I’m also convinced that Peat is made of Angel’s tears? Can’t confirm yet.

I’ve also used less of the Sleeping Packs and Sleeping Creams nightly. I’ve found that though my skin isn’t as oily as it was before, using those adds to the oil produced the next day. I save them for the nights I use the Soy & Rice mask, and I typically go with Snow.

Changes since before starting Box routine: The oil is another constant, but I am also moving more into using facial oils as part of both my day and night routines.

Any adjustments you’re making: Not being so quick to use a Sleeping Pack has helped. I’ve not needed the extra moisture there.

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