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Two Ways To SuperCharge Your Moisturizer!

Ugh, Fall is finally settling in! Our skin is getting drier and tighter as those radiators kick in! But just for you, we now have two simple solutions to counteract this. Now is the best time to whip out TWO of our favorite techniques to SuperCharge Your Moisturizer! Get even more out of your favorite cream by amping up on its hydration and nutritional benefits. 

The first technique is completely free of charge (you only need your existing moisturizer)! The second technique is even more exciting and effective (and we have a 20% off coupon for the second technique at the bottom of this post!)

We reveal BOTH in our video below!

SuperCharge Your Moisturizer! video

Both Techniques!

1. Use Your Moisturizer As A Mask.

Wash your face, apply a thick (1/4 inch) layer of your moisturizer on your face. Wipe off with a warm washcloth after 30 mins or so. Follow with your regular moisturizer, makeup and/or sunscreen!

2. SUPERCHARGE your Moisturizer/Mask With Our Supercharge Kit!

To SuperCharge your Moisturizer, follow the following instructions--you will need our kit for this!

1. Pour some Rose Water into a small dish. Drop a compressed sheet mask in the water and it will expand and rehydrate.

2. Wash your face, preferably with a double cleanse (balm cleanser followed by foaming cleanser).

3. Apply a thick layer of your moisturizer (or your wash-off mask) onto your face (about 1/4 inch thick).

4. Apply the rehydrated sheet mask onto your face, on top of the thick layer of moisturizer.

5. Leave on for 30 minutes, or until your sheet mask dries.

6. Remove sheet mask. Gently wipe off the excess using a warm wet washcloth. Pat the residue into your face.

7. Follow with your regular moisturizer, night cream and/or sunscreen and makeup.

Why does our SUPERCHARGE technique help really increase the effectiveness of your moisturizer? Because the physical layer of the sheet mask forces your skin to actively absorb the hydration and nutrition in your moisturizer. And using Rose Water to decompress the mask adds an antibacterial, soothing, calming, anti-aging and anti-acne effect for to your moisturizer/mask. 


So, Ready to SuperCharge Your Moisturizer with Technique 2?

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