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One Week In--Marissa's Impressions Of The Winter Box

One Week In--Marissa's Impressions Of The Winter Box - Sabbatical Beauty
      Marissa, Day 1
marissa day 1        
    Marissa, Day 5         
marissa day 5

Changes she's seen: Skin feel more moisturized, acne is healing faster

Overall thoughts: So far my skin is loving the new additions to my regimen. I’m just drinking it all up and everything is absorbing wonderfully. My face feels comfortable all night despite some of the products working to reduce oil and clean out acne causing bacteria. I’m still getting used to finding the right moisture levels for my skin during the day. By midday my cheeks feel a little tight, so I may need to add a facial oil to my routine.

AM Routine: Peppermint Beauty Water, Maple Essence Toner, Nourish Facial Oil, Soy & Rice Scrub Mask, Asian Power House, Marine, Four Tea, coconut, Bright Eyes, Donkey Cream, sunscreen

PM Routine: Vacuum Cleaner Cleansing Oil, Rose Foaming Cleanser, Maple Essence Toner, Asian Powerhouse, Marine, Lift, Peat, Dorian Gray, Snail, Moar Honey II, Bright Eyes, Sleeping Beauty Oil, Rose & Honey Cream, Snow Sleeping Cream

Any changes she's made:AM - I use Nourish in the morning to replenish all the moisture I lost the night before and replaced my foaming cleansers with Soy & Rice Scrub Mask since it’s also a cleanser. PM - I added Peat and replaced my usual sleeping packs with Snow.

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