One Week In--Liz's Impressions Of the Winter Box

liz day 1
Liz Day 1
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Liz Day 6


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General Impressions: I've been IN LOVE with this regimen! I don't use the sleeping packs all that often because of my oiliness, but everything else is fantastic!

Changes I’ve seen: LESS OIL! I can do the scrub mask every other day, and I've noticed I'm less oil during the day. It's been a real noticeable change!

AM Routine & PM routine: AM: VCCO, Maple Essence Toner, Peat Serum, DGBO; PM: VCCO, Rose Foaming Cleanser, Peat Serum, Sleeping Beauty Oil, alternating Snow or Sake & Rice. Soy & Rice mask 2-3 times per week.

Any changes I’ve made: I've switched to using Peat as my sole serum and I LOVE it. I think the consistency has helped my skin quite a bit. I've also moved to Soy & Rice instead of Sake Kasu, and I can appreciate how it feels. I've also switched from Champagne and Gold to Rose Body Creme and MY LIFE HAS CHANGED.

Overall thoughts: This box is perfect for winter skin, EVEN for an oily lady like me. My runaway favorite is the Peat Serum.

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