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She's a Sabbatical Beauty: Madeline Pendergrass

She's a Sabbatical Beauty: Madeline Pendergrass - Sabbatical Beauty

madeline she's a sabbatical beauty


Hi, thank you so much for talking to us today! Tell us a little about yourself.

I am semi-retired & work one day/week at a local hospital as a wound & ostomy certified nurse.  I have a son & a daughter, who live 2 hours & a day+ away, respectively.

I’m married (47 years!).  I have 2 volunteer jobs & a handmade business, Wire & Fire Jewelry.

Can you tell me about how you felt about your skin before you tried Sabbatical Beauty? How did you feel about the products you were using at the time?

I was fighting sun damage, & red patches occasionally around my eyes, & sagging/signs of aging.  I kept trying different brands, & used one company’s products for several years, but didn’t see super obvious results.  People did say I did not look my age (& still do), but that could’ve been genetics.

What were your biggest fears and struggles about trying new skincare lines?

Wondering if it actually would show results, could I afford it, what the heck does THAT do?  Feeling like I didn’t have time to use them, & being really uneducated about facial care.

How did you discover Sabbatical Beauty?

It was a little journey, started by Renae Christine, a handmade business coach extraordinaire, who recommended Adeline’s Sake & Rice sleeping pack. I bought 3 full size jars & gave them for Christmas gifts, keeping 1 for myself.

What made you decide to try Sabbatical Beauty?

After exploring the website & reviews,  I bought 3 full size jars & gave them for Christmas gifts, keeping 1 for myself.  BIG bargain lover, that’s me…

What results did you hope to see with Sabbatical Beauty, and did you achieve those results?

The thing bothering me the most was the skin discolorations/sun damage.  (Don’t worry, there’s more I want to work on…). And yes, the Sake & Rice sleeping pack lightened up the discolorations better than anything I’d tried before.  

Now that you have integrated Sabbatical Beauty into your regimen, how do you feel about your skin?

Hmmmm - well, it is acting younger these days - some breakouts (small) but the positive results sure outweigh the breakouts.  My skin does have that SB glow, & no one believes I am 68 (69 in 13 days!). I just love trying the different products when I decide to focus on something - like dark eye circles with Magic Dragon serum.  The samples make it affordable, just in case it doesn’t agree with my skin.

Many people tell us that they find the Sabbatical Beauty Facebook community one of the best parts of the brand. What’s been your experience in the community?

It’s just kindness, love, great info & support.  I only wish my biz can have such a group someday!  Adeline has built a really wonderful business.

If you were a SB product, which one would you be?

Dorian Gray, but Sake & Rice SP is trying to push DG down LOL.  Can’t I pick a product from each season??? I.e., Spring Box = Camelia & Rose mask, Winter Box = Rose body cream.

Thank you so much for talking to us today!

You are so welcome!  

Oh I forgot the teach/share thing...I guess sharing a talent would be OK - I love to do metal work, cutting out shapes from copper, & then torch immersion enameling them. It’s a fast technique (the enameling part) & I am more of an instant gratification person. Earrings are my very favorite thing to make...