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Chitra Artihc: She's a Sabbatical Beauty

Chitra Artihc: She's a Sabbatical Beauty - Sabbatical Beauty

Chitra She's a SB


Hi, thank you so much for talking to us today! Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! Thank YOU!

I’m full time working mum of two. A three year old and a 5 month old. I just returned back to work recently. I work as a physiotherapist at a community hospital setting.

Can you tell me about how you felt about your skin before you tried Sabbatical Beauty? How did you feel about the products you were using at the time?

My skin was always dry, uneven and I frequently get blackheads on my nose. I don’t get huge breakouts but do get a couple of zits when it’s that time of the month. And when I do get pimples, I simply cannot wait for them to go off on their own so I pick on them. Then I end up with scarring and discolouration.

And once I get scarring it takes months to fade off. Regardless of the products I used, even though that were meant to fade off scars. The just didn’t seem to work as effectively as advertised.

What were your biggest fears and struggles about trying new skincare lines?

More pimples and the eventual scarring because of my itchy fingers. Also drying out further. One popular drugstore brand, which was supposed to have a line that “hydrated” the skin actually dried me out so bad my nose and forehead was cracking and peeling. Makeup on dry skin just looks weird. Trust me.

How did you discover Sabbatical Beauty?

I always joke that the universe directed me to it. I had seen FB ads about sleeping beauty oiland I was intrigued. But never to the extent of purchasing.  Then during the start of my maternity leave, boredom and hormones made me believe I had an unlimited spending power (I obviously don’t. Lol). The potent combination plus that it was Black Friday sales meant that I just decided to splurge on a full size Ekaterina and a sample sleeping beauty oil. Only AFTER that then I joined the Facebook group and I have never left since.

What made you decide to try Sabbatical Beauty?

Like I mentioned. I have absolutely no idea. Probably hormones. But I’m so glad I just went crazy and splurged. And I have never looked back since.

What results did you hope to see with Sabbatical Beauty, and did you achieve those results?

Pimple free, hydrated skin. Yes yes yes! My hormonal breakouts are really tiny, if any. And my skin has never looked better.

In the week that I returned back to work, there were a couple of people who estimated my age for a lot younger. And of course I was so happy to hear that.

Now that you have integrated Sabbatical Beauty into your regimen, how do you feel about your skin?

A lot more confident. I don’t always wear makeup because I am too lazy. But that doesn’t mean I was confident in my own skin. Now I actually blatantly go up to my friends “See! My skin is looking good ya?” Lol!


Many people tell us that they find the Sabbatical Beauty Facebook community one of the best parts of the brand. What’s been your experience in the community?

Absolutely. Though SB is a beauty brand, it has redefined beauty as something all natural where everyone is accepted. You don’t often get that in skincare brand where it usually showcasing unrealistic beauty goals. This is one of the few companies who are always so giving. The founder actually changes contest rules to ADD in more winners. Like where else can you ever get that? Lol.

I absolutely love it here!

If you were a SB product, which one would you be?

I would like to think that I’m Ekaterina. A sweet-scented, heavy duty moisturiser that seals off all the goodness of the previous layers. I fiercely protect those close to me. Especially my babies. I may look small, but don’t mess with this mama bear.

Thank you so much for talking to us today!