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Ask Marissa: Would You Buy The Winter Box?

Ask Marissa: Would You Buy The Winter Box? - Sabbatical Beauty

marissa 3 week changes


Overall impressions:

I can't believe how will my skin took to all the products in the Winter Box. Having a skin on the oilier side I didn't imagine I could use all of these things together at the same time, but it's worked out for my skin beautifully. I didn't really have to stop using anything I was already using I just incorporated these products into my routine.

Did you think this was a good purchase? Would you have purchased the Winter Box?

This box is such a great value. It has all the winter Essentials for your skin care routine. It even has a body lotion and it that's super hydrating and smells wonderful. You get a cleanser, exfoliator, serum, mask, facial oil and 2 sleeping packs that compliments all skin types. There's nothing in here I wouldn't use and a couple things I already use so yes I would have purchased this myself.

Changes since before starting Box routine:

The acne that I had before I started my winter box routine has completely disappeared. I do have a couple new breakouts along my hairline but I’m pretty sure it's from a new shampoo I've been using. My skin stays comfortable throughout the day now and I hardly ever feel any tightness. I'm not breaking out on my chin or cheeks and I haven't had the desire to wear any complexion correcting makeup such as Foundation, BB cream, or tinted moisturizers.

Things to note for people with your skin type/climate (remind people of skin type and climate)  

I have normal to oily skin and live in a dry climate with moderate temperatures in the 60s during the winter months. With my heater on I need to amp up my moisture so I wear a facial oil day and night as opposed to just night. I usually start the morning off with Nourish Oil Mask to replenish the moisture I lost while I was sleeping. At night I wore Snow Sleeping Pack because my skin was already used to Sake and Rice and needed more moisture than that had to offer.

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