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Ask Liz: Would You Buy The Winter Box?

Ask Liz: Would You Buy The Winter Box? - Sabbatical Beauty
liz 3 week changes

Overall impressions:

I am incredibly impressed by this box. As someone with oily skin in a largely tropical climate, I didn't think a Winter Box would do me any good. I was wrong!!!! My skin needed this boost, and I've gotten some new holy grail items!

Did you think this was a good purchase? Would you have purchased the Winter Box?Since I had just splurged on the Holiday Luxury box, I'd have hesitated BIG TIME. BUT having testers that have been honest and thorough in their reviews would have definitely pushed the pendulum.

Changes since before starting Box routine:

I've said it before and I'll say it again, oil production has dipped dramatically. I'm also using less on my skin - where before I woke use two serums and now I use one. I've also used sunscreen lately!

Things to note for people with your skin type/climate (remind people of skin type and climate)  

My oily ladies in tropical climates! Don't let this pass you by! It's easy to think it won't have anything for you but you'd be mistaken. Peat Serum is a JOY and a surprise hit. I adore it. I'll definitely be getting a full size of that. Take the chance to change your skin!

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