No More Lines Sampler Set (Anti-Aging)
No More Lines Sampler Set (Anti-Aging)

No More Lines Sampler Set (Anti-Aging)
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If you're looking for a potent anti-aging solution, try both of my premium serums Dorian Gray and Camellia Gold in this *SAMPLE* set. Dorian Gray contains lots of antioxidant filled botanicals like Grape Seed, Wild Orchid and Centella Asiatica, MAP (a gentle form of Vitamin C), Retinol, Ceramides and two types of Yeast Extract, while Camellia Gold contains skin-identical Camellia Oil, nutritious Algae Oil and luxurious real 24 karat gold which instantly fills in fine lines and brightens.

Instructions: Apply after cleansing. Begin with the Dorian Gray, and follow with the Camellia Gold Beauty Oil. Follow up with creams and moisturizers. 

Contains: 8g of Dorian Gray, 8g of Camellia Gold.

*Core collection.

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