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You've seen these everywhere recently and that's for good reason. In Asia, they've been used for centuries because crystal rolling is believed to soothe and calm skin and has anti-aging benefits. In contemporary science facial massage with a roller helps your skincare to better absorb, to relax you with a massage and also to stimulate collagen building and firm and lift your skin.

In this collection we're releasing four flavors of crystal: Rose Quartz (because who doesn't want to rub some unconditional love on your face), Green Aventurine Jade (good luck, soothes emotions), Amethyst (protection, soothes anxiety and calms nerves), White Jade (protective, encourages stability).

Because when you can charge your skincare further with good vibes, why not? So many skin conditions originate from emotional issues, as the microbiological gut-brain-skin axis is reporting today. Rolling in healing crystal vibrations (even if it seems on the woo-woo end) can only help (and look super pretty on your vanity!)  

Healing Crystal Properties:

Rose Quartz: Self-love, self-affirmation

Green Aventurine Jade: Open-heartedness, abundance, good luck. Green Aventurine is commonly sold as a variant of Jade.

Amethyst: Protective, soothes anxiety, calms nerves.

White Jade: Protective, encourages stability and trust.

  • Relaxing and destressing form of self care
  • Firming
  • Toning
  • Contouring
  • May reduce signs of aging
  • Depuffing (if used cold)
  • Redness Reducing (if used cold)

Start from the center of your face and glide upwards towards the temples. Then from your temples, move downwards along the sides of your neck for lymphatic drainage.

You can watch more of our demonstration videos on our Instagram TV channel.

Fair trade, ethically mined and manufactured crystal and metal.

Note that true crystal rollers should always be cold to the touch, even in a warm environment. For added redness reduction and depuffing benefits, use right from the fridge!




  • Our products contain higher percentages of active ingredients than the majority of products on the market. This means you can see amazing differences very quickly, and with only a scant amount of product.
  • Our products are manufactured in-house by a small team of women in Philadelphia, PA, in small batches, with love.
  • Our products are never tested on animals, just Adeline and Sabbatical Beauty employees.
  • Everyone who works for Sabbatical Beauty earns a living wage.


  • Our stuff works. And works quickly, period. And we sell sample sizes, so you don't need to commit a lot financially to test if a product works for your individual skin chemistry.
  • Our mission as a feminist company is not to sell you skincare as something that you need, but rather a routine that will help you with prioritizing yourself and own needs for self-care.
  • Our products come with an amazing, supportive Facebook community of people always willing to help, even in issues outside of skincare.
  • We have a generous thirty day returns and refunds policy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Skin Type: Combination
Age: Over 50
Skin Concerns: Signs of aging, Dullness
Surprisingly Addictive

I honestly didn't expect to love this little tool so much. It's not just the relaxation and sensual pleasure, although those are quite real. Instead, it is how very effective it is in helping my skin to absorb oils and lotions. With just a little rolling and a dab of whatever favorite oil is available, my skin is glowing and dewy. I love using this with Rose Quartz oil in the AM and Wise Old Crone in the evening.

Skin Type: Sensitive , Combination
Age: 30-39
Skin Concerns: Dark spots/scarring/discoloration, Signs of aging, Dullness
Face massage magic

Love this gadet! Has helped get the deep down gunk to come to the surface in a gentle way. I like that it feels like getting a massage every night. I clench my jaw all day and it helps relieve that tension before bed! Helped with drainage when I was sick!

Skin Type: Oily, Combination
Age: 30-39
Skin Concerns: Dark spots/scarring/discoloration
They see me rollin'...

I was skeptical, I'll admit. I thought the rollers were a fad. And they might be, BUT what a glorious one!!! The first time I rolled, I almost dozed off! I felt the blood pumping to my cheeks and my face, I felt the fatigue drain from my face before bed, and I felt the serums soak into my skin MUCH better. Every other layer of skin that came after soaked right in, and I heard my skin say "Thank you"!

So hear me - THANK YOU!

I clench my teeth, and the rolling gave my muscles a much needed break! Also - use it cold! It's a most glorious relief ❤️

As a bonus? I used the smaller side of the roller on my sinuses when I've been fighting allergies or an incoming cold. It helped drain a lot of the fluid and calm down most of the swelling, and if NOTHING else, what a glorious bonus.

Skin Type: Combination
Age: 30-39
Skin Concerns: Redness/inflammation
Annoyingly addictive!

I received this for an advance review and honestly, I was super skeptical of why people even use these. I've never used a roller before and it seemed like one of those gimmicky add on products...

Until I started using my Aventurine Roller. My skin is prone to a bit of oiliness and this helped the oils absorb infinitely better. I've never had oil serums absorb so well and so fast.

I'm also prone to locking my jaw when I sleep and when I used this in the morning on my jawline and cheek area, it was a great way to start the day without jaw pain. I also have had sinus issues and headaches and using this on trouble spots also seem to help.

If you're a skeptic like me, I'd wholly recommend you try this out. It's such a simple, relatively cheap addition to your skincare tools.

Skin Type: Oily
Age: 30-39
Skin Concerns: Dark spots/scarring/discoloration, Signs of aging, Acne
A crystal kiss for your face

Crystal rollers have been on my radar for a while, but Sabbatical's Rose Quartz Roller is my first experience with a facial roller. I instantly fell in love. It's a face magnet! Without thinking about it, I find myself rolling the cool rose quartz over my skin. After a minute or two, the stones warm to my skin temperature. When I use it after applying my PM routine, I notice that the serums sink in to my skin faster than without, leaving a matte texture instead of the stickiness that I normally contend with at night.

I hold a lot of tension in my jaw, neck and shoulders. Using the roller in these areas is not only relaxing, but help relieve tension and muscle nots. After about two weeks of using it regularly, my skin appears plumper to me. I think it's helping build collagen.

Rose quartz represents unconditional love, and self love. What better way is there to take care of your body and soul than literally massaging love into your face.

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