REVIVE: The Sabbatical Beauty Routine Travel Set #1 (Dry/Sensitive)
REVIVE: The Sabbatical Beauty Routine Travel Set #1 (Dry/Sensitive)

REVIVE: The Sabbatical Beauty Routine Travel Set #1 (Dry/Sensitive)

$ 65.00

This sampler set brings together *samples* from six different essential steps in the Sabbatical Beauty line: 1) the cleansing Beauty Water with Lavender, Rose and Silk, 2) the gentle, low-pH Goat Milk & Rice Cleanser, 3) the antioxidant loaded Asian Powerhouse Serum, 4) the nourishing, hydrating, anti-redness Marine Serum, 5) the soothing, skin-tone evening Calm Cream and finally 6) The dryness-be-gone Winter Is Coming Facial Oil Balm. If you've ever wanted to experience a full Sabbatical Beauty routine without committing to full size products, REVIVE is one way. 

This routine is geared towards drier skins, and all skin types heading into a cooler, drier season. The products in REVIVE are gentle to sensitive skin.

Price: $65 (saves $4 off total cost of products purchased separately)

Made without parabens.

Instructions: Begin by applying a few drops of Beauty Water on a cotton pad and using that to cleanse skin and remove makeup. Once this is complete, apply foaming cleanser, gently massage onto skin and wash off. Next, apply a squirt of Asian Powerhouse Serum to the palms of your hands, and gently pat in the serum. Once dry, apply Marine Serum similarly. If this is your day routine, apply Calm cream and then follow with sunscreen and makeup if desired. If night routine, follow with Winter is Coming as a facial night oil. 

Set contains: 1 fl. oz. Beauty Water,  1 fl. oz. Goat Milk & Rice Cleanser, 5ml Asian Powerhouse Serum, 5ml Marine Serum, 5ml Calm Cream and 5ml Winter is Coming Facial Oil Balm. 

Please note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

*Core collection.

Customer Reviews

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Lovely products

I was v happy w the products in the set. Standouts were the beauty water and winter is coming cream.

Dry Mature skin

I have found my skin to be brighter and softer since SB came into my life!!

A good way to sample a few products

I have pretty sensitive skin and the beauty water was too harsh—it made me break out each time I used it. The goat milk cleanser is VERY effective—so much so that I can’t use it everyday. I like how the calm cream feels on my skin but the scent is way too strong. I love winter is coming—it’s great when my skin is dryer than usual and it’s wonderful for my lips as well. And, of course, AP and Marine are my daily favorites.


I got this sampler at the recommendation of my friend. I was hesitant, because I don't usually spend this much $ on skincare. But, my oh my, after 2 weeks, my skin has NEVER looked this good. I have struggled with my skin for decades, and I cannot believe how quickly it has cleared up and begun looking radiant. I have gotten so many complements and I feel so confident. It is seriously AMAZING.

Revive set

It’s my first set of products from SB and it’s been great, my pores have gotten a bit smaller and skin looks a little more plump, under eye area is more firm too! It doesn’t take a whole lot of serums or moisturizers, everything it’s just a few drops here and there! It didn’t take me very long to order my full sizes and other products! Thanks for creating this skincare for everyone !!

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