REVIVE: The Sabbatical Beauty Routine Travel Set #1 (Dry/Sensitive)
REVIVE: The Sabbatical Beauty Routine Travel Set #1 (Dry/Sensitive)

REVIVE: The Sabbatical Beauty Routine Travel Set #1 (Dry/Sensitive)

$ 65.00

This sampler set brings together *samples* from six different essential steps in the Sabbatical Beauty line: 1) the cleansing Beauty Water with Lavender, Rose and Silk, 2) the gentle, low-pH Goat Milk & Rice Cleanser, 3) the antioxidant loaded Asian Powerhouse Serum, 4) the nourishing, hydrating, anti-redness Marine Serum, 5) the soothing, skin-tone evening Calm Cream and finally 6) The dryness-be-gone Winter Is Coming Facial Oil Balm. If you've ever wanted to experience a full Sabbatical Beauty routine without committing to full size products, REVIVE is one way. 

This routine is geared towards drier skins, and all skin types heading into a cooler, drier season. The products in REVIVE are gentle to sensitive skin.

Price: $65 (saves $4 off total cost of products purchased separately)

Made without parabens.

Instructions: Begin by applying a few drops of Beauty Water on a cotton pad and using that to cleanse skin and remove makeup. Once this is complete, apply foaming cleanser, gently massage onto skin and wash off. Next, apply a squirt of Asian Powerhouse Serum to the palms of your hands, and gently pat in the serum. Once dry, apply Marine Serum similarly. If this is your day routine, apply Calm cream and then follow with sunscreen and makeup if desired. If night routine, follow with Winter is Coming as a facial night oil. 

Set contains: 1 fl. oz. Beauty Water,  1 fl. oz. Goat Milk & Rice Cleanser, 5ml Asian Powerhouse Serum, 5ml Marine Serum, 5ml Calm Cream and 5ml Winter is Coming Facial Oil Balm. 

Please note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

*Core collection.

Customer Reviews

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A great start!

I did an email skin consult with SB staff, and Alex recommended I start with this set. My main concern is the redness on my cheeks, which I thought was sensitivity. After three weeks, my skin is much calmer and clearer. It's hard to pick a favorite product from the set, but I love the scent and texture of the Goat Milk and Rice cleanser. It feels so luxurious to spend two minutes massaging my face with it at the end of the day. This set is a wonderful introduction to SB products and an easy way to have a set for travel.


As with anything I’ve tried from SB, this set is fantastic. I’m still just trying a bunch of products before I settle on a routine, but everything here works. I’m 43 with combination skin and people have commented about the improvement in my complexion since starting this routine. I love the way my face feels after the goat milk and rice cleanser and my fine lines are definitely less noticeable.

Gentle, Effective Full Beauty Routine

What a great kit! This kit is perfect for tired skin that lacks a glow. I love all the serums and the beauty creams, especially Calm, which I must buy in full size. This kit is amazing. The serums have improved my skin clarity.

Best starter kit ever!

I got this as my first Sabbatical Beauty purchase. I was extremely nervous to spend this amount on a trial size kit. So glad I did! My face is very sensitive. I would break out in little red itchy rashes all over the sides of my face and under my cheeks. I can proudly say after about 2 weeks of regular use I no longer have red itchy rashes on my face. No red blotches. It has helped to lighten the dark patches on my cheeks. This skincare is life changing. I feel pretty now and not ashamed to go out because of my skin. My face glows and my husband has commented on how my face feels like our grandbabies bottom. I will forever be a life long consumer of this kit. If you are on the fence just jump and do it. You won’t be disappointed

This set is a fantastic way to get started

This is like a gateway set -- it has a little of each step, and gets you familiar with the process.

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