No More Lines Sampler Set (Anti-Aging)

No More Lines Sampler Set (Anti-Aging)

$ 52.00

If you're looking for a potent anti-aging solution, try both of my premium serums Dorian Gray and Camellia Gold in this *SAMPLE* set. Dorian Gray contains lots of antioxidant filled botanicals like Grape Seed, Wild Orchid and Centella Asiatica, MAP (a gentle form of Vitamin C), Retinol, Ceramides and two types of Yeast Extract, while Camellia Gold contains skin-identical Camellia Oil, nutritious Algae Oil and luxurious real 24 karat gold which instantly fills in fine lines and brightens.

Instructions: Apply after cleansing. Begin with the Dorian Gray, and follow with the Camellia Gold Beauty Oil. Follow up with creams and moisturizers. 

Contains: 8g of Dorian Gray, 8g of Camellia Gold.

*Core collection.

Please note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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So so good!

Love this combo, endlessly. The camellia gold is luxury in a bottle and the Dorian grey makes me feel like I’m taking such wonderful care of my skin.


I have to be careful with the Dorian Gray, because too much seems to give me break outs, but it has helped tremendously with the lines between my eyebrows and my nasal lines. I am very fond of the Camillia Gold oil, because when I use it my toddler cannot stop sniffing my face and expressing approval of the scent.

Love one but not the other

I really like the Dorian grey serum. I use 2 drops of it at night and I wake up with glowy smooth and calm skin. My freckles have also lightened more since I've added this to my regimen. Btw I also use Glow.

The Camillia Gold I'm more on the fence about, but I think it's because I can't get past the smell. But that is a personal thing. Some people love the scent!

Anti aging set

I’m only giving 4 stars because I think maybe people should buy these separately ONLY because as it turns out my skin doesn’t like Camellia oil (sad sad sad). The Dorian Gray is a magic potion. So smooth and just sinks into the skin. Love how my skin feels after. The Camilla gold smells and feels like heaven. I tried so hard to make it work, it’s just the oil that my skin didn’t like. I would suggest trying these separately just to make sure they both work for you.

39 and not afraid of 40

After the birth of my daughter three years ago, my “youthful skin” seemingly changed overnight to aging skin with larger pores, lines and dark spots. Unsure what to do about it, I sadly thought this was my new normal. Not so! After two weeks using the No More Lines Sampler Set I see a visible difference in my skin. It’s plumper, moisturized and the lines are less pronounced (they aren’t gone—that would be magic). I’m looking forward to what I will see, or won’t see, after continued use. Oh, and the Camellia Gold Beauty Oil smells divine! Every time I apply it, I take a deep breath and feel my muscles relax. So, I guess it’s also a little yoga in a bottle!

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