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Revitalize Set (Sensitive Skin)

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  • Is your skin so sensitive that everything seems to set it off? We gotchu with our Revitalize Set. All the items have been carefully curated to treat sensitive skin, reduce redness & inflammation and to bring your skin microbiome back into harmony.

    Start with the Vacuum Cleansing Oil to gently elide oil-based impurities, then follow with our gentle Kombucha Cleanser (which our community has said gives you the bounciest, chok-chok skin!)

    Then tone and treat with sensitive-skin loving Mugwort Beauty Water. A few drops of Chang E Serum go on after to flush out any additional redness and restore your skin to its rightful pearlescence. Follow with a few dabs of Red Wine Pressed Serum, and complete with Donkey Cream.

    Set Includes: Vacuum Cleansing Oil (30ml), Kombucha & Green Tea Cleanser (30ml), Mugwort Beauty Water (30ml), Chang E’s Serum (5ml), Red Wine Pressed Serum (10ml), Donkey Cream (10ml), a routine card and a Sabbatical Beauty pouch.

Customer Reviews

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Alexa (Skillman, US)
Skin Type: Combination
Age: 30-39
Skin Concerns: Dark spots/scarring/discoloration, Signs of aging, Acne, Dullness, Redness/inflammation
Amazing for Combo Skin

I have very sensitive skin that is oily, dry, acne, olive skin tone prone to discoloration, and eczema at times. So, it can be hard to bridge the gap between evening skin tone, hydrating and genuine cleansing, however this set has made my skin change in a single day.

The clarity of my skin overall changed in hours after using this set plus the power set. My skin feels light and fresh from the cleanser and toner without drying my skin at all. It just feels healthy and refreshed. The oil cleanser really has gotten a lot out of my pores, which I was unsure of since I can get so many break outs from my oily skin. But the cleanser and toner really get all the extra oil gone and cleared away, the vinegar in both smell amazing. I’m shocked that my skin doesn’t smell like vinegar at all after! I wouldn’t have minded but I’m impressed for sure. That magically vinegar really does a number for my skin. And, o.m.g. That donkey cream is crazy good - it honestly looks like I had fillers injected or had two bags of IV fluids in me, because damn. It just does it. The serum made the redness around my nose disappear and I put the wine serum on all over before bed. Yep, I am hooked on sabbatical.

Dear Alexa, Wow such a thorough review! We are so ecstatic to hear that the Revitalize Set has helped your sensitive and combo skin! It's great to hear that the cleansers have left your skin feeling refreshed and helped with clearing that extra oil with out drying out your skin. It is also so wonderful to hear you're loving the Donkey Cream as much as we do. We are so glad you're here with Sabbatical Beauty! - SB Team