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Snail Serum

  • Snail mucin - or that icky gross juice that snails excrete when they climb over rocks and branches - actually has magical skin-healing properties that can give you a glow like nothing else. While the popularization of snail in skincare is commonly attributed to developments in Korean beauty, the discovery actually comes from the Chilean snail farming industry, when in the 1980s they discovered that their workers, whose arms and hands got easily cut while handling the sharp metal cages for the snails, experienced quick and no-scar healing when they applied snail slime to their injuries.

    The magic chemical properties of snail slime come from its particular composition of glycosaminoglycans and peptides. Snail secretion filtrate is naturally rich in glycosaminoglycans. Glycosaminoglycans are so magical because they can bind nearly 1000 times their weight in water (hyaluronic acid is one of these naturally occurring glycosaminoglycans in your dermis). This moisture buffer is necessary to protect the parts of the cell that contribute to collagen and elastin, which are necessary for elastic, bouncy, smooth, ‘chok-chok’ skin. So, more glycosaminoglycans, more chok-chok skin.

    Want to read more about the science behind why snail mucin helps your skin so much? Read our blog post on snail mucin, in which Adeline summarizes for you hours of research they've conducted on peer reviewed, scientific publications and patents in plain English.

    The Sabbatical Beauty Snail Serum is 92% snail mucin, and is fragranced like fresh rain (because snails come out in the rain!) Our snail mucin comes from small family farms in France, where snails are not harmed in the extraction of their mucin. No actual snails are in this serum.

    Full Size: 30ml Travel Size: 5ml

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Louise (Brooklyn, US)
Skin Type: Dry, Sensitive
Age: 30-39
Skin Concerns: Acne, Dullness, Redness/inflammation
Great Nighttime Treatment

I originally purchased the Snail Serum to target some pesky acne and stubborn inflammation spots. For whatever reason, this serum didn't do much for those issues and I didn't see any noticeable improvement. I set the serum aside and forgot about it for a month or so, letting my skin calm down on its own. Now, I've been exclusively using this serum in my night routine and it makes a big difference come morning! My skin feels plump and soft, like bouncy baby skin!

In short - Snail Serum didn't do anything for my acne/inflammation but it did provide deep moisture overnight, which is especially helpful during the wintertime in the North East. Not sure I'm sold on the effects enough to keep purchasing, but I'm glad I stuck with it.

Also - this serum has what I would consider to be a very strong smell. I assumed this would be fragrance free, based on Sabbatical's general vibe, and was surprised. I tend to stay away from added fragrance because of my sensitive skin and probably wouldn't have purchased this if I had thoroughly read the ingredients list first. Just a heads up for fellow perfume-avoiders!

Gretchen (Potsdam, US)
Skin Type: Dry
Age: 50-59
Skin Concerns: Dark spots/scarring/discoloration, Signs of aging, Dullness, Redness/inflammation
Savoring Snail Serum

This is my first go at using Snail Serum and I'm loving it as a second or third layer on winter nights. I can feel the moisturizing and healing properties doing good work on my skin and, yes, somehow the scent really does invoke a rain shower.

JEM (Bellevue, US)
Skin Type: Normal
Age: 30-39
Skin Concerns: Signs of aging
Slime Time

Terrific stuff for smoothing out rough patches and making scars just a little less noticeable. Subtle yet powerful. I find the fragrance a bit stronger than some SB products, though it's pleasant and perhaps preferable to how actual snail mucus smells (?)

Raell (Philadelphia, US)
Skin Type: Combination
Age: 30-39
Skin Concerns: Dark spots/scarring/discoloration, Acne
Heals Acne!!!

This serum is amazing for healing my acne or any other blemishes almost overnight. This is part of my daily routine, and I know it has contributed to my acne clearing up (for the first time in about 5 years). I LOVE the texture and it smells so good too!

Sheena (Lynchburg, US)
Skin Type: Oily
Age: 30-39
Skin Concerns: Dark spots/scarring/discoloration, Acne

I get a lot of cystic acne and it always scars no matter what. I can't say this has totally gotten rid of the scarring but it definitely helps so much! The scarring isnt as dark and I do feel like it heals quicker. Of course I also pick at it a lot but really do think this makes a difference!