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Glow Pressed Serum

  • Glow pressed serum is a powerful but gentle scar-reducing and skin tone evening moisturizer infused with powerful natural ingredients like fermented lemon peel and effective cosmeceutical ingredients like niacinamide and Vitamin C.

    We’ve turned it into a pressed serum, meaning it it is a serum and moisturizer combination product - allowing you to skip steps but still achieve your skincare goals.

    Ingredient Deep Dive:

    🍋Lemon Peel Bioferment, a potent antioxidant which inhibits the formation of pigmentation. Fermenting the lemon peel increases the bioavailability of the skin tone-evening compound

    🍋Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and N-Acetyl Glucosamine, which work synergistically to bright and fade scarring

    🍋Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP), a gentle, stable form of Vitamin C to help reduce collagen

    🍋Soybean extract and Soy amino acids, both which contain proteins that inhibit melanin production

    🍋Sugar Cane Extract, which contains glycolic acid to exfoliate and help the other ingredients to better penetrate

    Full Size: 50ml | Travel Size: 10ml

    Care Instructions: Please ensure to keep the white plastic gasket top that comes with each jar to prevent any drying out of your product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Lindsay (Philadelphia, US)
Skin Type: Combination
Age: 40-49
Skin Concerns: Signs of aging, Redness/inflammation
Summer solace

I have normal-to-dry skin, and in the summertime easily get dry spots and irritations. I was hesitant to try the glow serum, because I also dislike thick textures on my skin. I got the trial size and was a total convert - too much sun, or a little irritation, and the glow serum felt amazing to sooth and heal overnight. I shared with friends after too much sun, and they were also converts. Love this product as a spot-healer and lightweight moisturizing serum at night.

Hi Lindsay,
Thank you for taking the time to write us a review. We're so happy to hear that Glow Pressed Serum is such a go to for you and your friends. Thanks for all the love and support! - SB Team

Alissa Chessario (Philadelphia, US)
Skin Type: Oily
Age: 30-39
Skin Concerns: Dark spots/scarring/discoloration, Acne
Glow Serum Is It

I have chronic issues with acne, and as a result, I typically always have some level of scarring on my face. About a month into using Glow Serum nightly, my scarring has faded dramatically. Unreal. A little goes a long way with this product too. I am feeling more confident in my skin than ever! Thank you!

Hi Alissa, Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We're so happy to hear that you're loving the Glow Pressed Serum! - SB Team

M. (Philadelphia, US)
Skin Type: Combination
Age: 50-59
Skin Concerns: Dark spots/scarring/discoloration, Signs of aging
Lives up to the Name!

I use Glow as the last product. I love that it actually makes my face shine, and in a good way! No make-up or highlighters needed! By the end of the day, I still look refreshed! I've been using my the same jar for over a year. A little goes a long way! BTW, I followed the SB list of serums from light to heavy. Thank you for that! I really needed help with that because I'm pretty much challenged when it comes to that kind of stuff. LOL

Hi Michele, We are so honored that Glow is a part of your daily routine! Thank you so much for your feedback. - SB Team

Skin Type: Oily, Sensitive , Combination
Age: 30-39
Skin Concerns: Dark spots/scarring/discoloration, Redness/inflammation
Scar Reduction to the Max!

I have a fairly deep, wide-enough-to-be-noticeable round scar on my right cheek and some dark spots on my upper lip. This product helps both, while also tamping down on my near-constant redness and giving me that buttery smooth skin texture! It has a super light scent (just a hint of licorice) that disappears quickly. It can be a little tacky or cause some pilling under facial oils, but I just hit it with a quick spritz of Avene and everything behaves. Already bought a backup for when my current travel size runs out!

Melissa (Pittston, US)
Skin Type: Sensitive , Combination
Age: 30-39
Skin Concerns: Dark spots/scarring/discoloration, Acne, Redness/inflammation

I like using this as my everyday moisturizer. I put just a few small dabs on my face