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Mask Brush

Ever wondered how those Insta celebs can get a perfect application of their wash-off masks? This mask brush is your answer! Made of anti-bacterial silicone, it provides a smooth, gliding experience of your favorite SB mask.

Limited edition. Will be discontinued after it sells out. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amanda (Lehighton, US)
Skin Type: Normal
Age: 20-29
Skin Concerns: Redness/inflammation
Great Brush

I love this little mask brush. It makes putting on masks so much easier- especially the Bethany Charcoal Mask. I don’t have to worry about cleaning product out from under my nails after mask application. The brush itself is easy to clean.

Sheena (New Brunswick, US)
Nice Tool!

The brush is really helpful in getting a good application of the sakekasu mask. I also really like that you dont have to put your hands into the jar so that way bacteria doesnt get into the jars! It definitely helps get better control of your product and to apply nicely!

Sheena (Keyport, US)
Enjoyed it!

I enjoyed this brush! It was a bit pricey but it really does help get the mask on especially with the sakekasu mask! And it prevents you from putting your germy hands into the pots so as to avoid bacteria in the nice products!

Christy Marshall (Grand Marais, US)
Wonderful Tool

I love applying my masks with this brush. It delivers a thin, consistent layer of product every time. So glad I purchased this!

Jordie Belle (Elizabeth, AU)
Get yourself a mask brush ASAP!

Woah nelly! I used my silicone brush to apply my mask tonight and all I can say is WOW wow wow! I’m wearing Bethany so I can’t share a pic, but it’s the smoothest and most even application I’ve ever had, I used less product than normal and I didn’t need to spend 5 minutes washing leftover mask out of my fingernails (Bethany lovers represent!). I’m blown away by how it improves the masking experience!