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CALM Cream

  • This is a cream that targets very sensitive and acne-prone skin that is also dry or dehydrated. I designed it for my friend Carly who is allergic to many products. Many of my friends who tested an early version reported that it greatly diminished redness caused by acne or irritation.

    Ingredients include Chamomile Water (20%, very effective in soothing dry, flaky, itchy skin, rashes and acne), Colloidal Oats (Excellent for sensitive skin, soothes irritation), Hydrolyzed Goat Milk (Goat milk is good for sensitive skin, and this hydrolyzed material helps creates a barrier against water loss), Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter for luxurious creamy moisture, Niacinamide and N-Acetyl Glucosamine for evening skin tone/discoloration, Panthenol to moisturize and soothe your skin, Licorice Root Extract (evens skin tone), Camellia Japonica Oil (Anti-inflammatory, stimulates collagen production) and Camellia Japonica extract (Potent antioxidant, boosts collagen).

    Paired with the Hydra Serum, this is an effective weapon against winter dryness.

    Travel size 15ml: $22 | Full Size 2 oz: $75

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Julee Farley (Philadelphia, US)
Skin Type: Sensitive , Combination
Age: 30-39
Skin Concerns: Signs of aging, Acne, Dullness, Redness/inflammation
Effective but a really strong fragrance

I think Calm cream is really effective on my skin, helps keep my skin moisturized and looking good, but the fragrance is too strong for me. I was a bit disappointed that something advertised as being for sensitive and allergic skin had added fragrances. While I find the product effective, I don't plan to purchase again unless the fragrances are removed.

duly noted! we are working on a reformulation to remove the fragrance. stay tuned!

revs (Oklahoma City, US)
Skin Type: Combination
Age: 50-59

I used this when I have some little skin rashes and redness,really calms my skin right away!

Erica (Emmaus, US)
Skin Type: Sensitive , Combination
Age: 40-49
Skin Concerns: Acne, Redness/inflammation
The biggest change

I'd been using--and loving--the calm cream for years, but I wasn't always sure how much of the smoother, calmer, more even skin was attributable to this cream or to other SB products I also use every day. Then I ran out! Within a couple of weeks, I noticed my skin was again more irritated, more prone to breakouts, redder, less... calm? I re-ordered. Within a couple days, I noticed a difference, and within a couple of weeks, my skin was again better than it's ever been pre-SB! Smooth, not-irritated, not too oily, not too dry, not breaking out all the time. I will *not* run out of this again!

jsb (Kingston, US)
Skin Type: Sensitive
Age: 60-69
Skin Concerns: Signs of aging
Creamy and smells great

I was a little concerned when I heard that Calm Cream had been reformulated. I really liked the old one. This new one is actually even better. It's a little creamier and spreads more easily. It still smells great! I use it year-round, but in the colder weather, I use more of it to protect from wind. It's also good along the mask line.

Farrah (Orinda, US)
Skin Type: Dry
Age: 30-39
Definitely calming

This is one of my favorite things to put on in the wintertime/when my face is feeling more inflamed/dry. I think "cream" isn't the most accurate in terms of its consistency (more like a balm). It's great as a sleeping pack/last step in your skin care routine. I can't place the scent but it's pleasant (although it kinda reminds me of freshly washed clothes/clean detergent, so perhaps not for everyone). (P.S. The spatula in the photo is from one of my finished-off COSRX products -- it works well for scooping this out!)