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Upcoming in FROST: Sabbatical Beauty Bath Butters!

Bath Butters
The Rise of The Bath Butters!
Hey Sabbatical Beauties!
We're launching FROST, our Holiday Bath and Body Collection on Monday (Halloween! Eek!) Today we're featuring our upcoming Bath Butters! 
What the *&*) is a bath butter?! Well it's NOT a body butter/moisturizer, but a highly foamy, luxurious buttery-type soap that can be used either as a bubble bath (super sudsy), or a body wash! These bath butters make any bath or shower an aromatherapy delight!
Made with plant-derived glycerin which hydrates skin, they create a protective layer to keep moisture in. The Bath Butters have a subtle, refreshing fragrance which will transport you to the spa, a field of blooming flowers, or a relaxing moment with your favorite mug of tea. Each bath butter retails at $50 for a 4oz container and comes with a little spatula for you to apply the product :)
In FROST, we're coming up with bath butters in four flavors:
Lavender Bath Butter
Want to smell like you fell asleep on a sunny, cloudless day, in a field of fresh lavender? Then try this!
Day Spa Bath Butter
Our signature scent that evokes clean linens, fluffy bath towels and luxurious spa treatments. Used to fragrance our customer favorite, the Sake and Rice Sleeping Pack.
Casa Blanca Lily Bath Butter
This is our new favorite scent. Deeply inhale the fragrance of a bouquet of fresh lilies, and you've got this smell.
Earl Grey Bath Butter
Adore Bergamot? So do we! Made with Bergamot essential oil, this soothing, relaxing bath butter deserves to be enjoyed in the bath with a spot of Earl Grey tea.
One reviewer, Val, describes her experience using the Lavender Bath Butter: “Mmmm. I’m pretty sure that’s the sound I make whenever I use a Sabbatical Beauty Bath Butter.”
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