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Victoria Gray: She's A Sabbatical Beauty

Today we are so excited to interview Victoria Gray, one of our favorite people ever! Victoria runs Vibrance By Victoria, a gorgeous store with planners, stickers, art prints and more!
Some highlights from our Interview:
Victoria's Research into Skincare Ingredients Made Her Realize Why Our Products Are Worth It? (around 3:21 minute mark)
Victoria: As I continued to research why Kbeauty works and what else was in your products, I realized that I could buy the ingredients, but they would be so freakishly expensive for me! It just made more sense to support another small business that's already doing it, and doing it well.
No Makeup Selfies - Her Favorite Thing About the SB Facebook Group! (starts 13:16)
Victoria: One of my favorite things is the selfies that everybody posts in the group. 'Cause I love how good everybody feels about themselves. And how the brand and the product has changed
how they've chosen to see themselves. And it's weird because I get more self confidence from others being self confident. I'm just like, look at them. They're killing it. They're rocking it. Look at all these awesome women doing all these awesome things, and choosing to feel good about themselves, because they're taking care of themselves and doing what they need. And that's huge encouragement to me.
What Would You Say to Someone On the Fence About Making Their First Order? (starts 15:10)
Well if they were on the fence, I don't know if you listen to The Profit First Podcast but the host, Mike Michalowicz, always plays these soundbites over and over again which is hysterical but he has one and I can't remember the motivational speaker who is it but literally the sound clip is "DO IT!" Whenever he's like giving advice he just press the button and it's like "DO IT!" That's my first advice.



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  • Our products come with an amazing, supportive Facebook community of people always willing to help, even in issues outside of skincare.
  • We have a generous thirty day returns and refunds policy.