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She's A Sabbatical Beauty: Lee Skallerup Bessette

We're thrilled to Lee Skallerup Bessette... her posts always make us at SB HQ smile!

Lee Skallerup Bessette
Tell us about you!
I am a mom, a wife, a swim coach, a writer, a recovering academic…I recently changed my Twitter bio to read “I am a lot to handle” - which pretty accurately sums it up.
What makes you angry?
I rarely ever get outwardly angry, at least not about anything that happens to me. But I am fiercely loyal, and I get really angry when injustices happen to friends and loved ones.
What makes you happy?
Good friends, good food, good conversation. In those moments, where I can lose myself and laugh until I care barely breathe...I live for that.
If you were an SB product, which product would you be, and why?
Red Wine Pressed Serum. Maybe it’s my French roots (I’m from Montreal, Canada), maybe it’s that people wonder sometimes if I’m drunk all the time, maybe it’s because I love red wine that the thought of smearing it all over my face, too...And, that’s it’s pressed, it’s pretty intense.
What’s your desert island SB product, and why?
Camilla Gold. Because you need some luxury on a deserted island, right?
What is your favorite thing about your skin?
I’m really, really lucky that I have good skin. I like the red in my cheeks, I like the smile lines I’ve acquired, I like that it’s as soft as it is with little effort. But my favorite thing about my skin (although this is probably more about my face than my skin) is the dimple I have in my upper-left cheek. It only shows when I smile, and my son, when he was younger, used to happily demand that I smile big so he could see the dimple and then squeal with delight as I made it appear and disappear.