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She's A Sabbatical Beauty: Julie Alexander

Julie is a makeup GODDESS and one of our girl crushes. She also runs 500 Days of Lipstick, which you should be following if you aren't already!!
Julie Alexander
Tell us about you!
I’m a newlywed, a new homeowner, an educator, a dog mom, a makeup and skincare enthusiast, a poet, a tarot reader, a creative home cook, a progressive, and a fledgling Buddhist.
What makes you angry?
Cruelty, injustice, willful ignorance, indifference. Also, whenHannibal got cancelled, I was pretty pissed.
What makes you happy?
My husband, my dogs, my friends, my students. Being a mentor. Creating things without the pressure of having to publish them or gain something from them. Playing with makeup. Organizing things!
If you were an SB product, which product would you be, and why?
I’d be the Sakekasu Mask. Like me, it’s a bit unusual, and at first glance, seems to be out of place--”what is this thing doing in a skin care routine? Shouldn’t it be in soup?” But it’s a hard worker, resourceful, and, ultimately, a reinvention.
What’s your desert island SB product, and why?
Marine Serum! It’s the first SB product I used, and the first one I fell in love with. I have been using it religiously since SB launched, and it’s dramatically reduced my skin’s oiliness and redness. I bought a bottle for my husband, and he’s now a convert to the SB skincare routine!
What is your favorite thing about your skin?
How youthful it still looks! Growing up, I had excessively oily skin, and I avoided the sun because I burned no matter what. However, that awkwardness paid off, because at the age of 36, I’m pretty much wrinkle-free! And thanks to the positive and supportive SB community, I’m inspired to take good care of my skin from now on.