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She's A Sabbatical Beauty: Janah Adams

Janah is one of the ladies that embodies the heart and soul of Sabbatical Beauty. We are thrilled to feature her today!
Janah Adams
Tell us about you!
I used to be a composition instructor but it didn't make me happy and I left after five years full-time. Now I'm focused on the arts and perhaps pursuing an arts-based career of some sort. I like to work in oils and pastels mostly. I love to travel too. I've been to a few places but I love London the most. I've been to London with my husband five times and hope to return soon. We celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary this December, so maybe we can go then! He was my middle school crush and close friend throughout high school and we decided to get married on a bit of a whim one night on the phone--"hey, you know what would freak everyone out? If we got married like now." And then a few months later we said our vows and ten years later I'm married to the love of my life. Enough of that though, I guess, because honestly I'll sit here and write about him all day!

What makes you angry?
I don't get angry often, but I am very protective of my husband and my friends. Senseless cruelty or injustice, especially when it's based in willful ignorance. Animal cruelty. For myself, it's pretty probably when someone hurts my feelings, especially if they make me cry. That they were able to hurt me that deeply makes me angry in turn. Does that make sense?

What makes you happy?
More than anything, I'd say laughter makes me happy. Besides that, I'd say cuddling animals, talking to my husband, playing with my dogs and cats, the ocean, really good fudge, shopping, reading, painting, singing, giving a gift, and being with people who make me feel loved and appreciated.

If you were an SB product, which product would you be, and why?
I'd be the now retired Eden spray from the Spring 2016 Breathe collection. Eden was slightly eccentric, being a serum in a spritz bottle. Not everyone liked her, but if you did you found her fun and reinvigorating. Eden was a bright, friendly product with a little edge and surprising depth.

What’s your desert island SB product, and why?
Eden again. I thought TTVA too because it's just so good at preventing and zapping acne, but I figure if I'm on a deserted island, I won't really care if I have a couple of spots. So Eden it is. A serum to nourish my skin and hydrate while also providing a touch of pleasant aromatherapy.

What is your favorite thing about your skin?
I like that my skin has never been very troubled. We've had our ups and downs, but I've been fortunate to have relatively clear skin. It's oily so there's the shine to deal with and the tendency to break out, but that also means my skin doesn't show signs of aging as quickly. I'm so glad that I gave Sabbatical Beauty a chance. I used mostly Clinique and Lancôme before. I used to work for Clinique and saw good results from them. But I never saw even half the results from those brands that I've seen from SB. I still had blackheads before SB. I had terrible shine in my T-Zone that melted through my makeup. And I always felt my skin looked sort of dull, drab. I spent tons of money trying to fix these issues to no avail. So my favorite thing about my skin now is probably how well it responds to SB care and how happy it makes me to look in the mirror and see my skin, not just free of the problems it had before, but actually looking bright and healthy. And of course there's the fact that early in my SB journey, an unfortunate cat bite incident left me with both lips ripped open, tons of stitches, and doctors suggesting plastic surgery. A few weeks later, SB's Rose & Honey cream had healed and faded the scars in a way that really did have to be seen to be believed. My skin responds to Sabbatical Beauty magic and I love that. (
Ed: Janah shared with us her before and after images below.)
Janah before and after Rose and Honey