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She's A Sabbatical Beauty: Dana Batho

Today we're featuring the lovely Dana Batho, who runs her own cross stitch pattern shop Peacock and Fig! Dana has been influencing many Sabbatical Beauties to start cross-stitching as a form of self-care <3 
Dana and Coco
Tell us about you! 
I'm a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, I was medically discharged a year ago after being injured during my service (I was an air force intelligence officer and cyber threat analyst). It's been a very difficult transition, and I'm still working through it, but my lovely service dog Coco helps me stay as active as possible each day. I'm also transitioning into running my business Peacock & Fig as best I can -- I have done art my whole life and even have exhibited internationally, and I've had to adapt a lot to my new artistic life. Now I'm using those skills to create modern cross stitch patterns and I love encouraging others to discover the joy and health benefits of being creative. 
If you were an SB product, what product would you be, and why?
I think I'd be the Tea Tree and Volcanic Ash serum. I was born in New Zealand and returned for 8 years after high school, and also have lived for 4 years in Japan. I seem to gravitate to the Ring of Fire, and even considered becoming a volcanologist at one point. So the fact TTVA has volcanic ash in it seems perfect for me -- volcanoes are normally dormant and peaceful, but when activated, get out of the way. :)
What makes you angry?
Being told something is going to happen a certain way and building up expectations for that, only to find out that's completely not the case. That makes me incredibly frustrated, and unfortunately seems to be all too common. 
What makes you happy?
My wonderful little sweetheart Coco is amazing, rescuing him was the best decision I ever made.  Just today it took me 20 minutes to get him out of bed because he just didn't want to get up and end cuddle and play time, he's such a little goof. He constantly makes me laugh with his antics, and he makes everyone around me smile too. I also adore my awesome family, and my Dad is a serious pun master. Anything by Monty Python is also high on my list. :)
What's your desert island SB product, and why? 
I love the lavender bath butter, it just smells so amazing but without being too heavily fragranced. The rose cleansing balm is the same -- it smells gorgeous. 
What's you favorite thing about your skin?
Considering how hopeless I am at caring regularly for my skin, I actually have not terrible skin. I get some breakouts and whatnot, but for some reason sticking to a skin care routine is ridiculously hard for me. SB is helping me with that -- the products are so nice I just want to use them all the time.