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She's A Sabbatical Beauty: Crystal Boson

She's A Sabbatical Beauty: Crystal Boson - Sabbatical Beauty
Today we're featuring the amazing Crystal Boson from the blog Professor Dresser In Exile! Crystal is one of the most wonderful people we know... and also one of the cutest <3 
Crystal Boson
Tell us about you!
I’m a queer, Black, former academic, fashion blogger, baby-Ruby coder, femme. I’m getting married in Nov to my lovely partner, Finn, who uses their fair share of Sabbatical Beauty products. I’m spending a few years figuring out my life, writing incredible poetry, and planning out tattoos. I want to move back to Texas as soon as possible. I also have a fashion
All of that being said, I’m actively trying to be more honest with myself about my life and things going on in it. I very recently left the academy, and am still trying to figure out what life as a former academic means. I’ve spent so much of my life being tightly bound to that identity, it’s hard to find new ways and words to talk about and reposition myself in the world. But I’m managing to do all of this, and look good doing it.
If you were an SB product, which product would you be, and why?
That is a toss up. Quick pick, I’d say I’m Rose Balm Cleanser, cause I’m the foundation to so many great things. I’m necessaryand delightful, but still kinda low maintenance. Either that or I’d be Dorian Gray, cause I’m both full of literary allusions, and I try to bring out the true beauty in all the things around me.
What makes you angry?
I asked my partner and they just laughed. Apparently the top three things are: White Dude Mansplaining, People not following instructions, and wearing skinny jeans. And people in the academy who are needlessly jerks, and purposely make life harder for their students of color. Or other faculty of color.
What makes you happy?
My partner: Finn, my cat: Ms. Delphina Jenkins Boson Lease Pants III, Esq., professional wrestling, (The New Day! <3), Blue Bell Cookies and Cream ice cream, Papasitos, playing Xbox, reading, Cave Canem, chatting with friends on facebook, and cicadas. I’m working really hard these days to find joy in the little things. I’m trying to be grateful every day.
What’s your desert island SB product, and why?
Oh man. Oh wait! I can say a “Set” is one thing right? It counts as one things…. I’d go with the Revive: Dry Skin Set. It’s still technically one thing. If it just one thing,  I’d have to say Calm Cream. My skin gets really dry really easily, and Calm works wonders. I mean, I’m cute anyways, but Calm does wonderful things.
What is your favorite thing about your skin?
I love how resilient my skin in. I’ve been taking good care of it (thanks to Sabbatical Beauty) and it shows. The academy did bad things to my face, and it has bounced back. Also, I’m just really cute.