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She's A Sabbatical Beauty: Cindy Sollazo

Today we're featuring one of the sweetest members of our group... Cindy Sollazo!
Cindy Sollazo
Tell Us About You!!      
When Adeline asked if I wanted to be featured here, my initial reaction was "why?" I certainly don't have the illustrious and esteemed backgrounds that most of you wonderful women have. "What have I given to the world?"  It hit me so hard, I think I'm still crying. I have given 'myself' in so many capacities --  a true caregiver and nurturer, just never having a specific title. Does that make me less than someone who does? I'm probably super emotional since it was just my birthday and turning 60 ( Yikes !!) seems so surreal.I have contributed to so many people's lives -- making them better, because it's what you're supposed to do.  Wow - I'm so glad I just said that -- Me -- Cindy -- I Have Made A Difference !!
Of course I've had jobs, traveled the world, had money and not had it. As usual I overthink everything. Once an Empath, always an Empath.  Hahaaaa !!      I love my sense of humor, I write some pretty funny stuff. Maybe I'll share some here one day.
 What SB Product would you be?      
The Rose Cleansing Balm - so elegant while bringing things to the surface. People come to me for help and counsel all the time regarding all things. What could be better?
What makes you angry?      
The intolerance I see in many people. How dare anyone believe they are better than others !! Supremacy in any form is frightening.
What makes you happy?      
My cats purring, being silly, eating cheetos and brownies, fancy hotel rooms, the ocean, smelling roses, beautiful photographs, and so much more.
What would be your desert island SB Product?      
I'll go with the Tea Tree & Volcanic Ash Serum. It stabilizes my acne-prone skin - that with the ocean's saltwater just might be a skincare miracle. 
What is your favorite thing about your skin?      
I'm loving the texture of my skin, not very wrinkly ( yay !! ) and just plump enough for people to think I'm younger than my years.  Sorry for the melancholy start, however I believe you really have a sense of who I am. It makes me feel proud knowing  I can be so honest.  <3