Meghan's Fourth Week with the Fall Box!

meghan week 4 progress fall box


Skin Type and Location:

Dry / sensitive / acne prone skin. Phoenix, AZ - hot and dry desert climate.


General Impressions

This box is so geared towards healing and hydration, and now that I have changed up Botanical Acid Toner and Dorian Grey Beauty Oil in my most sensitive spot, my chin, even that area has begun to improve!! I’m really excited to round into the last week and really heal my forehead and chin with Witches Brew Mask and spot treating with Tea Tree and Volcanic Ash Serum again.

Changes I’ve seen

HUGE reduction in redness on my chin, and continued with redness reduction all over. My skin is staying hydrated and the overall healthy-ness that my skin is showing is definitely an improvement.

AM Routine & PM routine

AM Routine -

Aloe and Oat Foaming Cleanser

Botanical Acid Toner (avoid chin) (Coming Soon!)

Dorian Grey Beauty Oil (all over)

Apple Cider Serum



PM Routine -

Vacuum Cleansing Oil

Aloe and Oat Foaming Cleanser

Botanical Acid Toner (all over) (Coming Soon!)

Dorian Grey Beauty Oil (avoid chin)

Pumpkin Spice Latte Serum


Any changes I’ve made

I switched up where I avoid/apply Dorian Grey Beauty Oil and Botanical Acid Toner and split applying them and avoiding around my chin. In the morning I will use Botanical Acid Toner everywhere except my chin, and Dorian Grey Beauty Oil all over, and the opposite in the evening, Dorian Grey Beauty Oil avoiding my chin, and Botanical Acid Toner all over.

Overall thoughts

I can’t believe we’re rounding into the last week with the Fall Box! I’m sad yet excited, because I finally figured out my issue with my chin. I was definitely over-exfoliating, and now that I’ve worked that out and figured out how to avoid/heal it, my plan as we round into the next week is to finish healing my forehead and chin.

Watch Meghan's Week 4 Fall Box Routine!

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