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Meghan's Final Week with the Fall Box!

Meghan's Final Week with the Fall Box! - Sabbatical Beauty

meghan week 5 progress fall box


Skin Type and Location:

Acne prone / sensitive / dry skin.

Phoenix, Arizona (dry, hot climate)

General Impressions

I’m absolutely in love with this box and everything in it. In just 4 weeks, I’ve seen such an improvement in my skin. There’s definitely a few stand out things that I wouldn’t have tried, and I have learned to love toners and how essential they are to my skin. I can’t believe my skin isn’t as red as it has been all my life, and that it’s not so dry it’s flaking. This is literally THE miracle box for my  skin.

Changes since before starting Box routine:

Huge reduction in redness, a lot more hydrated overall, less breakouts and not as severe or long lasting as before, texture has improved as well (much more smooth)

AM Routine & PM routine

AM -

Aloe & Oat Foaming Cleanser

Botanical Acid Toner (Coming Soon!)

Dorian Grey Beauty Oil

Apple Cider Serum

Ekaterina Luxury Cream



Vacuum Cleansing Oil

Aloe & Oat Foaming Cleanser

Botanical Acid Toner (Coming Soon!)

Dorian Grey Beauty Oil

Pumpkin Spice Latte Serum

Ekaterina Luxury Cream

Anti Aging Eye Gel Oil

Things to note for people with your skin type/climate (remind people of skin type and climate) :

Acne prone / sensitive / dry skin and hot/dry Arizona climate.

I found that Botanical Acid Toner plusDorian Grey Beauty Oil twice a day on my extremely sensitive area (my chin) was too much for it to handle. It was resulting in increased redness, breakouts, and just general freaking out of my skin on my chin. I’d definitely say if you have sensitive skin to just do each of them once daily. And for dry skin, you definitely want to let Botanical Acid Toner sit for the 20-30 minutes before continuing with the rest of your routine. It will help everything absorb deeply so it can help the dryness and hydrate.  

Did you think this was a good purchase? Would you have purchased the Fall Box?

Absolutely!! Everything in this works so amazingly well together as a recovery from summer, and you get a FULL routine in this box. It’s an amazing value! (Travel sizeDorian Grey Beauty Oilby itself is 65$).