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How To Create Your SB Wish List

In this blog post tutorial, we'll walk you through creating your own Sabbatical Beauty wish list, which you can then present to friends and family to gift you!
First, note the little blue heart at the bottom of every Sabbatical Beauty page! This heart is where all your wish list items are stored, and how you can quickly access your items (and the link to your items).
Now, when you browse any Sabbatical Beauty item, you should see a blue heart icon by the "Add to Cart" (or Preorder) button:
To add the item to your wishlist, click on the heart. Once you add it to your wishlist, it should turn pink. You should then see the grey option to "View Wishlist."
When you click on "View Wishlist", it should pop up all your wishlisted items. You can also access your wishlist just from the heart icon at the bottom right of every screen.
Then, click on the "My Faves" tab to access your wishlisted items, and then click on the "mail" icon to send an email link to your favorites to your loved ones!
 Happy wishlisting folks! XOXO, Adeline from SB