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Cindi Kraycar

From Cindi: "Hi! I’m Cindi! Aka 'Cindilou, Cindilouwho, and Cindijo.' I’m from New England, but reside in the hills of West Virginia currently. I’m a bit of a granola at heart; where natural and organic products are the only things allowed in my home (yes, even cleaners). I’m a bit of an introvert, but quite passionate about the things that I love, loyal to a fault, and as empathetic as they come. I'd like to think I would be a good reviewer, because I am patient, and because I am already very much involved in the Facebook group. I have been using natural skincare products for quite some time, so have some experience in that area. I also think I would be a good reviewer because my skin is so truly combination; which means I will actually NEED the products for dry as well as oily skin, and should be able to judge both accordingly. I also don’t generally have a whole lot of reactions to products, so using them fully for a full routine shouldn’t be difficult for me. I also know a lot about much of the actives that are used medicinally, which will hopefully make it easier for me to educate everyone on the details of why the products are so effective and what they’re for. "

Cindi has combination skin with early signs of aging, and will be in West Virginia while reviewing, which is very warm with a lot of rain during the reviewer period.

Rachel Quek

From Rachel: "Hi! My name is Rachel and I'm a 22 year-old Philosophy undergrad. I have seven cats, work part-time in a bookstore, and am a notorious outfit repeater (#noshame). I would love to be a reviewer because the winter and spring box reviewers really helped me figure out which products would work better for my skin (special SO to Carol!!), and nothing would make me happier than doing the same for other people. It's always hard to tell how well products will work in my climate as compared to in the States, and since there are so many of us from Singapore now I'd love to help everybody out – even for the Beauties who don't live in Singapore, my skin type is fairly common so I think it'll still be useful to see how the products work! Full disclosure: I'm a little bit obsessive. I make copious notes about each SB product, including when I use it, what it does, and the differences I've noticed. I think I'd be a good reviewer because I take note of things like texture, smell, and viscosity and I know people like to know these things about products before buying them. I also keep track of how much of each product I use, and how long it lasts.

Rachel has oily, slightly acne-prone skin with a tendency for clogged pores. She'll be living in sunny, tropical Singapore during the review period.

Julie Alexander

From Julie: "By day, I teach business communication to the awesome students at Miami University's Farmer School of Business. By night, I am a freelance copywriter and entrepreneur building my own beauty coaching business. I love makeup, pop culture, memes, professional wrestling, video games, and comedy. The first SB product I bought was Marine Serum, way back when SB first started. Then, I didn't really know much about skin care, but I was in my early 30s and still struggling with constant acne, and I really felt like I needed to do something else. Within a few weeks of using Marine Serum, I started waking up without pimples--something that hadn't happened my entire adolescent and adult life!

Why do I want to be a Summer Box reviewer? First of all, I LOVE SB products! I've been using a huge variety of products for several years and recommending them to friends and family, with great results. Second, I'm a huge fan of the brand, its story, and its message--and most importantly, its acts of inclusion and social justice. As a reviewer, I bring several things to the table: honesty, genuine critical interest in beauty and skin care products, and a talent for pithy and humorous writing.

Julie has combination skin and will be living in East Central Indiana during the review period (so a late spring/early summer midwestern climate).

Shahirah Mahmood

From Shah: "Originally from Singapore and now living in the U.S, I am a mother to an energetic and funny 1.5-year-old daughter. I am passionate about expanding and improving educational opportunities for marginalized communities through research, evidence-based and agent-driven interventions. I am focused, ambitious, kind, and love to uplift others. To me, SB - both the company and the community - embodies all of these values, and I am truly grateful to be a part of this village. I think I will be a good reviewer for three reasons: 1) My skincare habits makes me a good test case for someone who is easily daunted by K beauty routines, and is always rushing for time (who isn't) and is constantly tired. I hope that as a reviewer, I can show how a slightly longer skin-care routine may mean more minutes spent on my face, but overall it will add more value to my life. I am excited to see the changes not only to my skin but also how I approach self-care; I am excited to see how my thoughts and emotions towards self-care will change as a result of engaging in this voluntary skin-care contract with SB. 2) With Ramadan taking place mid-May to mid-June, my skin will be fairly dehydrated. As a reviewer, if these products will work on dry, dehydrated skin of someone who is fasting, then it will surely work for others with the same skin type. I will be curious to find out. 3) I am methodical and detail oriented. I will be able to describe clearly how each product reacts with my skin and its changes. Finally, not a very strong reason, but you may get a glimpse of my adorable daughter (I am biased) at some of these reviews."

Shah has dry sensitive skin with combination skin around her T-zone. She'll be living in DC during the test period, which will be hot and fairly humid.

Victoria Gray

From Victoria: "Business owner, nerd, and artist, I'm a woman of various talents and interests. I work two jobs, I love food of all kinds, and crochet is my top favorite #oldladyhabit. Changes I've seen with SB: My t-zone is way more manageable in amount of oil and breakouts. My hormonal breakouts are shorter lasting, less severe, and more easily cleared up (especially with the use of double cleansing and masking). I want to prove that anyone can improve their skin because ANYONE can commit to a skincare routine. I'm a high-strung, tightly wound, and a perfectionist, but taking care of myself almost never used to merit my attention. I want to demonstrate how you can still be an incredibly busy person and still take care of yourself. I want to demonstrate how skincare doesn't make you vain, but proves that treating your body with courtesy and care is automatically reflected by "anti-aging." We aren't necessarily here to look like perpetual 20 year olds, but we ARE here to protect and preserve our most precious resource: the one body we get. Also: I've been told I'm funny, so that never hurts, right?"

Victoria's notes about her skin: "I have combo skin, but my t-zone is MASSIVELY oily. I sweat more than is reasonable for really any human. I struggle with hormonal and stress related breakouts and my skin clogs easily with sunscreen use (and I use skin sensitive). Most of my acne is whiteheads, but nose is almost totally blackheads. I rarely have cystic acne." She expect her temperature range to be between 85-95F and 70%-90% humidity during the review period."

Rocelle Inman

From Rocelle: "Hi! If you're wondering how to say my name, it sounds like "Ro-sell". I'm 1/2 Filipino & 1/2 Caucasian and my parents came up with my name by combining theirs! I was born and currently live in WA state, but I have also lived in Saudi Arabia and Hawaii! I love to travel but am definitely an introvert... However my professional life has been pulling me out of that shell. My hubby and I have a 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter (who look nothing alike!), and I'm hoping to get hubby to try some SB! What I've seen with SB products: My skin is pretty tolerant of most products, so I have not encountered an SB product that hasn't agreed with me. I have definitely seen brightening and the dry patches that I frequently get are gone. Acne has gone away much quicker when treated with SB products.

I would love to be a reviewer for the summer box! I've gone from using little to no skincare, to skincare fanatic and I want to share that journey with others and why it's important. I like to research things so I'm excited to dive into some ingredients and share what I learn with the group! It also resonated with me what Hayne said about this experience helping you professionally. I think that is really cool and I'd love to take advantage of this opportunity.

Rocelle's notes about her skin: "Oily t-zone, large pores, dry around the mouth area and acne prone. First signs of aging as well." She'll be living in WA during the review period which could be sunny, overcast or rainy depending on the mood of the weather!

Zelideth Rivas

From Zelideth: "I'm a Puerto Rican professor of Japanese in WV. I've been using SB since December 2016. What I love best about the line are the quality of products and the community. SB gives me the tools in serums, oils, masks, and creams to customize my own self care with the community to support me any time I need it. What I've seen with SB: When I first started with SB a year and a half ago, I had very dry skin. I could never find products that made my skin glow because my skin is very sensitive. With SB, I've found that I can hydrate my skin to the point that it has become combination skin. When I started getting really frustrated with excessive oil on my nose, Adeline and the elves introduced Piper's Peat. I cannot say enough wonderful things about how this line has helped me move past dry to combination to normal skin! I would never have thought that it would be possible with my sensitive skin but SB offers high-quality products with high actives that have helped my skin.

SB has dramatically helped my skin, which is, of course, a given. What I didn't think it would do is help me to listen to my skin and, more importantly, to myself. SB products and the community have guided me to become more open to listening to my skin's and my own needs. I hope to share some of what I'm still learning with the SB community and grow together.

Zelideth has mostly sensitive skin with a sometimes oily nose. She'll be traveling between West Virginia (warm and dry) to NJ/NYC (cold winds but getting warm) to Japan (humid and hot) during the review period.

Dale Ireland

From Dale: " Hi there! I’m an SB-lovin-disabled-academic who dances, in a chair, whenever she can while practicing intersectionality and interdependence in all things. I belong to Russell, just a little kitten, and Macy, the senior min pin, both of whom have been known to take my SB treasures! I love our SB community, and I’m so glad that you are part of it!

I want to be a review were if what I have to offer will be useful to the community. Because I oftentimes cannot stand or sit at a sink and because one of my illnesses is neuromuscular, using Sabbatical Beauty can be a challenge for me at times Only because I have to think outside of the box and figure out ways to use products that I love. I’m hopeful that our community has other people like me in it and that I might share some of what I’ve learned about self-care and using Sabbatical Beauty. Of course, I am hopeful that I will learn things from our community to because one of the things I treasure about our community is that most everything we do is reciprocal. For me, a good review were provides details and context. A good review were is also someone who is really good at observation and communicating that observation. I think a sense of humor is useful as well. When reviewers invited questions and comments and engaged with the community, I learned so much! As a reviewer, I’d like to foster engagement while we learn together.

Dale has aging skin which tends to be oily and acne prone without Sabbatical Beauty products. She will be in the mid-Atlantic during the reviewer period (ranging from hot and humid to some dry and cool days).

Foon Chong

From Foon: "I'm a 44 year old skincare junkie who is now on a self-love journey, thanks to the angels at Sabbatical Beauty! Thanks to SB, my skin texture has improved greatly with better hydration; lesser fine lines & smaller pores

I want to be a reviewer to share my self care experiences. I am honest and straightforward, and kind of patient with application of products, and i basically have no skin allergies."

Foon has aging/oily combo/hormonal acne prone skin, and will be living in tropical and humid Singapore during the review period!

Chitra Chandran

From Chitra: "I'm a mom of two adorable little ones and a physical therapist for older adults. Also not to forget-- I'm a lover of all things SB!

I love SB! And anyone who loves SB will definitely be excited to be able to review more products. Also I wanted to see how the summer box will react to someone with my skin type. Most people have increased oil production when temperatures increase but since mine is perpetually dry, it will be interesting to see how it all works out(already i’m positive it’ll work out since all the seasonal boxes i’ve tried always result with me falling in love with another product). Will I be a good reviewer? I absolutely don’t know. But I plan to be as candid and truthful as possible so I hope people enjoy and are captivated enough to follow me through."

Chitra has dry skin with frequent blackheads and hormonal breakouts, and will be in tropical, hot and humid Singapore during the review period!

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