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Dawn's First Week with the Fall Box

Dawn's First Week with the Fall Box - Sabbatical Beauty

dawn week 1 fall box


General Impressions

Fall Box was made for me!! Every product in the box addresses a skin concern I have.

All the plumping anti aging, skin clearing, retinol having goodness. I have also really been enjoying the scents of the serums and by far my most favorite scent is of the Ekaterina Luxury Cream. All of the fragrances are light and fresh, nothing overpowering or cloying in any way.

This first week has been great! Initially I was sad to have to give up my routine because it was working so well, but I am happy to report that the fall box routine is working for me quite nicely.

Changes I’ve seen

The changes I have noticed at first had me a little concerned. After the third day of doing the fall box routine I was noticing an increased appearance of  the age spots that I hate so much. This however was remedied by using the Witches Brew Mask. After masking my skin was calmed and the aforementioned spots were definitely lessened ever so slightly, I also experienced an overall evening of my skin. I am sure that with continued use I will be very satisfied with my results.  

AM Routine & PM routine


Vacuum Cleansing Oil

Foaming Cleanser with Aloe & Oat

Botanical Acid Toner (Coming Soon!)

Apple Cider Serum - Sabbatical Beauty

Pumpkin Spice Latte Serum

Dorian Gray's Beauty Oil

Witches Brew Mask (Coming Soon!)

Ekaterina Luxury Cream

The only Non fall box Items I have incorporated to my AM routine are,

Bright Eyes Eye Gel andLIFT Serum

As for my PM Routine

It is the same as my AM except,  I don’t use the Lift, and I do use

Anti-Aging Eye Gel-Oil

I wanted to use the box items exclusively to give a better informed opinion.

Any changes I’ve made

The only changes I have made are to make certain that every morning and evening I use every product in the fall box. Being a presenter I feel it is my duty to really make sure to use the products properly, and the way in which they were intended to be used, to gain the most information to share with my fellow SB’s

I haven’t made any changes to this AM and PM routine this week, however I may  start to mask every other day as opposed to 3 times a week because I love the even tone masking gives my skin.

Overall thoughts

Being a Fall Box presenter has been such a lovely experience, not only have I been graced with the wonderful products to sample, I have been gifted with the most wonderful group of women!! The Sabbatical Beauty Facebook group is the place to be ladies!

I have really enjoyed doing the lives. I have also greatly enjoyed watching my fellow presenters grow and gain confidence with every live they do. I  have found that the lives get easier each time for me too.

Taking the time to consistently  care for myself as been a new experience as well. It feels good, to be good to myself.  I was a fan of Sabbatical beauty before this experience, because I loved the products and how well they work, but also the company's core beliefs are something I am proud to be a small part of.  

I  have to take a moment to thank, Marissa and Darci for all of their help and support it has made this process so enjoyable! Their guidance has really enabled me to be the best reviewer I can be. I am beyond grateful to these ladies.   

That’s all for now. Till next week my SB lovelies.

Your Grateful Fall Box Presenter,


Watch Dawn's Week 1 Fall Box Routine!