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Dale's Second Week With The Summer Box

Dale's Second Week With The Summer Box - Sabbatical Beauty

dale week 2 summer box progress

Dale is in her 50s and has combination skin, an oily T-zone, with dryness around the cheek and eye areas. Her concerns are minor acne, blackheads, rosacea, and fine lines. She lives in New Jersey, USA, which is a midatlantic climate. Lately it has been fluctuating between cool and warm temperatures; in the summer it may get hot and humid (75+ degrees Fahrenheit).

General Impressions

I didn’t see that coming!  Early in the week, I was so pleased with the diminished redness on my face, non-existent dry patches, and moisturized skin that I was hesitant to add in the last new-to-me products.  Thank goodness I gave my hesitation a time out! The Detox mask worked so well--balanced skin that was even smoother, in large part because of how it cleaned my pores, and so soft--that I immediately bought a jar that I bought a jar after I washed off my face and felt my skin.  Mind you, I still have a full jar from the summer box.

Changes I’ve seen

I’ve seen a lot of changes this week.  I no longer have dry patches anywhere on my face.  My rosacea is diminished, the skin under my eyes is much more supple and brighter, and the wrinkles at the corners of my eyes seem more diminished because of how hydrated my skin is.  May we talk pores? My pores are not congested for the first time in a long time. My skin loves the Oatmeal & Rice Cleansing Grains, Janah’s Strawberry Cocktail Exfoliating Toner, and Peppermint Water--all help get the gunk out while giving me moisture.

AM Routine & PM routine

Morning routine:

Peppermint Water

Oatmeal & Rice Cleansing Grains (every other day) (Coming soon!)

Bamboo Foaming Cleanser (Coming soon!)

Coconut Serum

Red Wine Pressed Serum

Anti-Aging Eye Gel-Oil


Evening Routine:

Peppermint Water

Bamboo Foaming Cleanser (Coming soon!)

Detox (several times a week)

Janah’s Strawberry Cocktail Exfoliating Toner (every other day) (Coming soon!)

Coconut Serum

Dorian Gray

Red Wine Pressed Serum

Anti-Aging Eye Gel-Oil

Any changes I’ve made

For now I am only using my Dorian Gray in the evenings.  I’m using Red Wine Pressed Serum  in the mornings and evenings now.  I have added Detox, Bamboo Foaming Cleanser, Oatmeal & Rice Cleansing Grains, and Janah’s Strawberry Cocktail Exfoliating Toner.  This week I think I found my rhythm, e.g. one day I use the Cleansing Grains and the other I use the Strawberry Cocktail.  I am also learning how to modify my routine when life happens. Peppermint water and coconut serum are enough to get me to Zumba, and then I can do my full morning routine when I shower.  Next week I’ll add in the Bamboo Dry Shampoo; it and my Peppermint Water, and Coconut Serum are part of my traveling kit--great pick-me-ups/refreshers! 

Overall thoughts 

I thought I knew SB.  I have been using it since it launched.  But like so many things, I still have so much to learn.  My skin has changed because of two chronic illnesses, because of age, and the list goes on.  The knowledge of the SB community and the generosity I find there, has given me new life. I’m learning new hacks for using products on the go or when I’m too tired for my full routine.  I’m also learning more about what ingredients work best for me during different seasons. I like my skin better than I have in decades because of how it feels--makes me feel! 

Click to watch Dale's Week 2 Routine with the Summer Box!