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Brittany's First Week with the Fall Box

Brittany's First Week with the Fall Box - Sabbatical Beauty

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General Impressions

I love that the box contains everything you need to maintain a full regimen. I am mostly impressed by the minimal amount of product necessary during every application.

Changes I’ve seen

After using these products for about 2 weeks, my skin is more even toned and I don’t have any new blemishes. I finally have that “glow” that I’ve been wanting for so long.

AM Routine & PM routine

AM- Vacuum Cleanser, Rose Water Toner (non-brand),Apple Cider Serum, Priming Moisturizer (non-brand)

PM-Vacuum Cleanser,Aloe & Oat Cleanser, Witches Brew Mask (Wednesdays and Sundays), Rose Water Toner (non-brand) or Botanical Acid Toner (every other day),Pumpkin Spice Latte Serum,Dorian Gray’s Beauty Oil orEkaterina Luxury Cream (alternating days)

Any changes I’ve made

I have stopped using acid toners everyday. I am now using them 3 days a week, PM only.

Overall thoughts

This is my first time using Sabbatical Beauty products and I am totally sold! Initially, I thought the prices were pretty steep. Now, I know why. These are quality products, with quality ingredients. The samples are small, but minimal amounts are needed to make an impact on your skin. I can’t wait to try more products. I thought that becoming a reviewer would help me decide on what products to choose, but it didn’t. Now I want everything!!