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Back with CRISP: The Camellia Rose Mask!

Camellia Rose
We decided to bring back one of our cult favorites, the Camellia Rose mask, with our Fall limited edition collection, CRISP! Who knew that combining the extracts of these two beautiful flowers, Camellia and Rose, could be so beneficial for your
skin? The Camellia Rose mask gently exfoliates both with enzymes and ground rose buds, hydrates and detoxes, to reveal startlingly bright skin after just one use.

Key ingredients include:

 Papaya enzyme for natural chemical exfoliation: remove dead skin and increase cell renewal

 Ground rose buds for gentle and effective physical exfoliation.

 Camellia Japonica Extract and Camellia Japonica Oil to boost collagen levels and reduce inflammation.

 Rose water, to hydrate and sooth skin while providing anti-aging properties.

 Kaolin Clay to draw out impurities.

 Evening Primrose Oil to combat eczema and itchiness.
This mask is truly one of our customer favorites. Kari G. tells us in her review: "This mask is my first true love of all the amazing Sabbatical Beauty products I've used. I hoarded it when I thought is was gone for good. I only limit myself to using it once a week. NO MORE! It's Back!!!" Lol, we're so glad you love the mask as much as we do, Kari! Next, CV tells us: " I was pleasantly surprised by the dried rose petals that exfoliate -- both cool and fun. And the clay is really great for my oily/combo skin. It's great that it's not too drying, even though it helps with my oiliness. My serums definitely soak in better after using this mask, which is an added bonus that I really appreciate." 
To use, simply apply Camellia Rose mask after cleansing skin. Leave the mask on for 20-30mins. Afterwards, wash the mask off using warm water, pat skin
dry and enjoy a brightened, hydrated complexion! For best results use this mask once or twice a week.